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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scattered after thought

   Glued my eyes on my fish choco on one hand. 8 AM and I can already feel the heat...summer is not about to leave, not yet. Even if Typhoon Bebeng had brought roof tearing breeze and couple of inches downpour last week. Burning road....
   But that was last week's a quick season change...another 8 AM morning again...and at any moment Typhoon Chedeng is threatening to hit land any time this day. I feed my fishes with cockroach and now watching the tiny carnivore ramble and wrestle to get a chunk. If Sunshine is still alive this would be consumed in one gulp. 
   Yesterday, I made a realization piece by placing my self on the female mindset. The work I came up is "Undecided decision" done in mix-media. A reaction for the RH bill. It has taken a controversial twist because of th Catholic stance on taking the bill down. 
   A one kilometer tornadoes hit Missouri, USA...about 200 are found death as of this writing. Just part of the sorrows that was spoken in the had started and it is inevitable. Speaking of the end times as some false prophet claims and supposed to have happen the other day May 21, 2011...or as some claimants said it is the day of rapture. The preacher who prophesied it now made a back up statement and said he had to review his math. Now, we had just identified a false prophet. 

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