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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Dan Brown claims that his Novels are product of extensive research and that he actually spend years in writing them... 
Either  Brown is a poor researcher or a born liar. In fairness, "Da Vinci Code" is  a creative literary feats, but most of its historical claims is NOT factual.
   That is the very reason why I am attacking a fictional book. I would have let it passed and even give some stars if Brown simply points out that what the book claimed are still unproven. But that was not the case, Brown stress that his book are factual.
   The first page of both "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons" has the heading "FACT". The following page in Angels and Demons claims that "References to all works of art, tombs, tunnels, and architecture in Rome are entirely factual (as are their exact locations). They can still be seen today. The brotherhood of the Illuminati is also factual."
   Now, why would I spend time denouncing a book of "fiction"? Simply because As mentioned above, Dan Brown is a deceiver and therefore should be expose. He had done great damage to History by playing tricks and making fun of his readers.  
   Again, I would have let this pass if it has nothing to do with Christian faith but Brown is destroying Christianity in the name of extensive research and factual claims. He is making dangerous ideas into the minds of people just like Charles Darwin who intentionally put misleading title on his book "Origin of Species..." when its content actually does not contain what it promised but just discussed "Variation of Species..." (This would be another topic)
   Now we shall be focusing into another deceptive tool crafted by Satan. Well, liars goes to hell. Just like the devil himself, he mixed a little bit of truth into his lying. Anyway, Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons is an insult to its reader when they make the book best-seller. There are more un-factual listing you can find in the web about this book but I will be focusing on things I have personal knowledge or those things that can easily be verified with little research... 
   To be fair, I enjoy reading his books on the merit of being imaginative and I would even suggest that you read it for entertainment purpose...but on history and factual claims? Let's see:
1. Kohler said, Copernicus (The Polish Astronomer) was murdered by the church for "revealing scientific truths". This is baseless, even though the Catholic Church is notorious in executing anyone that gets in their way, they have nothing to do with this guy's death. Copernicus died from complication  due to a stroke in 1543. If he was murdered the more likely story is that, the King who actually perpetuated putting poison on the pages of the Bible that Copernicus regularly read while he was in prison. 
2. The Spiral Staircase was designed by MichaelAngelo. Hey! This would be violation of copyright law.  The staircase was designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932. That's around 350 years after Michaelangelo's death. (Check here)
3. Michaelangelo (again?) designed the Swiss Guard uniform. There was nothing special about the design of the uniform when they were first introduce in January 1506. Obviously it was a common military uniform at that time, and there was no need to attached the design to a famous artist. In fact, the contemporary design we now see was a Jules Repond design -- which Langdon (Brown) claimed unaltered from the first formation of the army. 
   Now the list above are just some minor inaccuracy, and maybe Dan Brown can easily be acquitted for not doing his "home-work". We can forgive his naive research for playful effect and added drama But to continue with the real issue why I should spend a great deal denouncing this book. Maybe even Boycott both the movie and the book. 

In The Da Vinci Code, Brown presents the following as fact:
  • Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene
  •  and her womb was the Holy Grail. Jesus and Mary Magdalene had offspring together. The truth about Christ and Mary Magdalene has been kept alive by a secret society named the Priory of Sion that was led by great minds like Da Vinci.
  • The gospels are not historically accurate. The Roman Catholic Church instigated a cover-up of some 80 gospel accounts that shed new light on the identity of Jesus.
  • The early church did not believe that Jesus was divine. Instead, they “voted” for His divinity at the council of Nicea in the fourth century.
   The first lie was so easy to counter that even grade school student can answer back. It was not mentioned in the four Gospel that Jesus was married. Plain and simple, Period. Christianities enemy would have used this argument that Jesus had an elicit affair to one of his followers. But Ancient History is quiet on this. No hint whatsoever from non-Christian writers during the time of Jesus nor from the time of John the divine, who is considered the last survivor among the 12 originals.If you want more satisfying answer on this subject read my blog Was Jesus Married?

Historical Record of the Bible
   Lies two and three are overlapping and therefore I will treat them as one Big lie. If you are followers and readers of my blogsite The Armor of God, perhaps by now you know the Historical claims of the Bible are more accurate than what scientist think. Archaeology for one, are just recently discovering places, people, and event mentioned in the Bible. I hope you browse my blog in your spare time to read factual discoveries not just attested by Christians but even scientist and those outside this faith.
   Now let us examined the point of argument Brown presents...that there are 80 or so gospels that the Catholics removed to cover up the real identity of Jesus. They selected only 4 Gospel since Matthew, Mark, Luke and John's Gospel are safer. I think Dan Brown is crazy and playing tricks on History. 
   He is claiming that the core beliefs of Christianity was not yet formulated before The Council of Nicea. We must stress the point here that the Roman nor the Vatican was not the first Christians. They were converts from the instigation of Constantine. Nero even accused Christian of perpetuating the fire in Rome. 
   To appeased Christian who distrust the conversion of Constantine and Queen Helen , they have to present a procession claiming that they found Jesus Christ's cross...yes my Filipino folks, that's where you get the "Santacruzan" festival.That is why you see Reyna Elena at the last of the parade carrying a cross. 
   Anyway, some original Christian distrust Rome therefore many factions were formed. Constantine was troubled by these and fear civil war might arise again between Christians and Roman Converts. That is why, the council of Nicea was called to decide the matters. There were many things discussed on this open forum but nothing about what Dan Brown thinks or suggested...they already believe Jesus as son of God...there are no further argument needed on that matter. The Old and New Testament being used are already in circulation more than 300 years ago, so no need to change that collections. Actually, one of the item being affirm on the meeting was the canonization of the Holy Bible. 
   The book of Revelation (placed at the last and written last) by John had this written "No one will add or minus on this book"...or curses will happen to that person on group. 
I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. -- Revelation 22:18
   Therefore I think Dan Brown should be advise about this verse just in case he didn't know.
   Did the early church doubt the divinity of Jesus?
   300 years before Roman Catholic Church was form, The New Testament was already in placed. And it was all very clear that Jesus is God. There was no argument during that time whether Jesus is God or man (just a wise teacher or a prophet) at least to those who believed Jesus is God. When Constantine declare Christianity as the official religion of Rome, along side with it is his surrender to Jesus teachings.

   What really happen during the council of Nicea can be verify here. .The Council of Nicea (Let us take the word of Catholics for their own actions)
    If you care enough to investigate what other no non-sense bloggers and critics have posted about Dan Brown's book, please do make your own research. This matter is important since many similar deceptive tactics are being utilized in the name of "educated research" and more often people simply take their words for it.



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