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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What cartoons knew from 9/11 attack

To the families of the victims, please allow me to deviate from the usual commemoration and sympathy, by presenting to you what I thought would be valuable in your quest for justice. 
   I thought it would be fair for all, to at least have an idea what transpire before and after the 9/11 attack. It seems it was not a lone al-Qaeda conspiracy that the US government trying to make us believe but a careful and deliberate manipulation by a bunch of cartoons and comics maker.
   Well it seems the attack was not a surprise far as cartoons and comics are concern...
   Here on this video we can see Subliminal message from The Simpsons about the 9/11 terror attack before it actually happen...

   Again, it seems Hollywood itself plotted this attack or the least were consulted how to make a successful attack on the Twin Tower as per according to the March 2001 episode of X-Files. 
   How The Plan was made?

"But bring down a fully loaded 747 into the middle of New York City..."

Well, this could be just coincidences anyway. We want to trust and believe our Government was there to protect us not to terrorized its people. Never mind all this speculations, this are just 
Wisdom of a Fool.

In God we trust

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Jerly said...

Fher. Actually U have a point there. Often such cartoons and movies GIVE ideas to terror groups and so the importance to show the world we want through the Media. I will share an old post where I have dealt on this in tagged. Our minds meet again on strange lanes :)