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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wanted Perfect Husband

My Endearing , Lovely, Inspiring Soul Sister in Art
Takes Applicants for Nuptial Destiny with Obligatory Ceremony
(That's her full name...)

Guaranteed sweet and speaks Italian, Filipino, English, and Arabic 
(knows how to use Google Translate just in case above language fails)
As a Nurse you are insured of being reminded daily to take your medicines and when you get old, you don't have to hire care-takers.
Very Artistic and plays various musical instrument.

Qualification for Applicants
Single of course, or if you plan to get divorce just to marry her it's OK.
Well-traveled, necessary for its her pass-time aside from shopping. If you don't travel, just provide her the budget, she'll promise to buy memorabilia.
Not Necessarily Rich, just a Swiss Account will do.

Good-looking...(can be negotiated as long as above criteria are met)

Interested applicants (are you serious? You still wanna do this?) may contact Tagged ArtLover Dating Sites. 

(Don't Kill Me!!! Seriously you should change that status...Right ArtLover?)



Kaye said...

:))... Happy Birthday Melissa!

Corinne said...

I'm surprised that Melissa didn't comment. It's very sweet and so true!