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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Day My Mother Resurrected

   10:10 PM of July 10, I was born 45 years ago. My mother was pronounce clinically dead at 10:38PM. She saw the doctors and nurses at Philippine General Hospital trying to revive the 16 year old girl...a few feet away, she knew it was her but she can not speak...No one can hear me, she yell. 
   There was commotion. She can't see the little baby but she think she heard the doctor said, "Di umiiyak..." (not crying)
   Then all was bright light, probably the halogen light on the ceiling. Everything was peaceful...the shaded people were not the hospital personnel anymore, she can't tell. They were just shapes but everyone seems familiar. 

   Then she heard me cried...or she think she heard something from the another dimension. 
   Her motherly instinct said to the divine, "Please, God if you are real, let me just embrace my child before you take me..." In Visayan, her native-tongue. 

   All of the sudden, the flash of bright light hit her on the chest or forehead, she choke...then she heard shouting, noises, and panicking. 
    Is she breathing? 
    This is a miracle.
   Now she realized her eyes were she open them. Someone is thumping her chest. She felt pain...I'm alive?, she whispered.
   Smiling but puzzled faces encircle her.
   She asked "Ang anak ko nasaan?" (where is my child)
   "Lalaki" Someone said.
    It's a boy. 
Eufemia, the beautiful lady who brought me here...

   I would like to Thank everyone who came to my FB wall and posted some greetings...also those who wishes me on Tagged ArtLover Group and Inbox. 

Here's my song for all of you... 

   A special thanks to bunso Posh (little sister) for this:

Happy Trip to my sister Gina...who left July 9...for Canada.

My Mom, the blogger, Kelly, Gina, Elyona, Jerina, and Godmother Merly...

Poetry from Manisha Bhatia
Verses being the firstCreativity being the secondArt being the thirdI stopped countingSince list became endlessI came to knowAbout the "REAL" personCandid acts...big heartvirtuous thoughtsdepth in artshumility n warmthswathes in talksA year went byMany will will keep residing forever in our hearts!!!
Wishing you a very happy bday Fher Ymas Visual Artist. Celeberations will be on forever n wishes will be showered forever! 
Love Mani :)
Andrea V. Lisi

Kaye Lasola
Happy Blessed Birthday Fher!!! 3 JOHN 1:2 Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

 Melissa Tandoc


To all ArtLover Thanks!!!



Mani said...

Fher your mom is gorgeous...thanks to her for giving us a creative gem bt on the same time a great person...this s wt i admire most in u.

Wishing u once again a v happy bday n lots of love :)


melissa said...

Oh dear friend, have I just heard thunder? LOL! Just kidding. The next time you plan to make a YT, I'll accompany you with a guitar or keyboards okay?

I'm sure your mom appreciated this song... and given a chance it's something I'd also like to sing to my children :)

'How wonderful life is.. for your in the world!'

Love you lots ARTner :)

melissa said...


Andy David said...

Fher, my brother,
This post of yours brought me to tears. We do indeed have a loving God, because He knew it wasn't your mother's time to leave this world and He knew you needed her love & guidance for a while longer. Your mom is a beautiful woman. Her spirit runs through your veins and it shows in your humility, generosity and creativity. You are truly blessed to have a loving family, Fher.
I wish your sister and her family all the best in their new lives in Canada and for you, my brother, I wish a long and fruitful life. You are truly special...never change who you are.
Wonderful, heartfelt post. Thanks for sharing & visiting.

Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

Donna Hole said...

Happy Birthday Fher. This was a beautiful tribute to your mother, and I'm sure she appreciates it if she sees it.

Loved the song to.