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Thursday, July 12, 2012

EV-17 came from Polio Vaccines?

For couple of days I have not given you updates on relevant News and current events due to my busy schedule...therefore, I have lots of catching up to always this blogs tries to give you the big picture from what's going on in our world or...the real story behind current events...or sometimes the fabricated truth that was fed to our minds by the Occult Government and Religions. 
   Now where do we start? Let me begin with Enterovirus-71, that reportedly killed around 60 people mostly children in Cambodia. This News immediately alarm our local officials and thus, DOH orders the scanning of arriving tourist or Balikbayans that came around that regions...countries like Vietnam, Thailand...
   The deadly virus is from the Polio family of pathogens. Symptoms are obvious on skin as rashes especially around the foot, mouth, and hands...where it gets it nickname FHMD (foot hand mouth disease) which often occur on livestock. 
   The symptoms prompting the hospitalization of the children with the disease are generally high fever, breathing difficulty, and encephalitis. Over a matter of a few hours, the conditions greatly worsen, with death occurring within only a matter of days. EV-17 was said to affect mostly children under the age of 3. Take note on the age of victims.
   The other day I heard DOH said the illness usually diminish in itself which only requires some bed rest and simple medications for fever. WOW! Initially we were told that it is a mysterious disease then this time it could be just another common flu. What's going on in here? There is something fishy that triggers my low IQ brain once again. 
   What if it was another scam from Giant Drug Companies? The damage had been done anyway...tourism is greatly affected but I smell another more pungent and sinister acts behind these.

   Dr. Nima Asgari, the leading WHO investigator, told Associate Press that, to his knowledge Cambodia, had never been identified with the virus before. So how did it appear there? Let us further investigate...from the samples collected taken from only 24 people only 15 were said to be positive with EV-71. To conclude therefore, that EV-17 is the cause of death is a giant leap of faith or false accusation against a suspected criminal. 
   Let us go back a few step backward in time and look at the vaccination records of Cambodia (click the file here) ...You may want to observe the WHO charts. On the said charts, we shall see an extensive immunization program...on the region since 1980. Is there a correlation between EV-71, which is a close relative of Polio virus from the vaccination campaign?  It seems the deadly virus appeared on the scene after its relatives polio virus was introduce in Cambodia...
   Is Enterovirus 71 a mutant of a Polio virus? Probably. Is this another genocide similar to my blog about the sterilization of black people in America? (see The Big Picture, for Lovers of Truth ) I want you to pay special attention on Planned Parenthood, on that said article, and see if the two is related in someways. 
   This is indeed a "mystery disease" that we must watch! Another of New World Order plan of depopulation? Another Medical mishaps that WHO is trying to cover-up again? 
   ALERT: Sources who do not wish to be identified said WHO will soon release to the public that this illness came from a combination of different virus and steroids even if it is still under investigation...another false info to cover a false info? (If in days to come, this gossips came true then the source is correct) of now, what can we do? Pray. 

    By the way, Philippine government will be spending 3 Billions on condoms and pills on days to come, to be distributed to those who can't control their horny appetite. That means taxpayers will contribute to promiscuity...safer sex for the infidel. 

   Check also: Killer Vaccines (Sudden Infants Death Syndrome or SIDS)


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melissa said...

Hi Fher, my brother will be flying in to Cambodia soon to investigate about this virus. He's head of the Virology Dept over at RITM. Joint efforts with DOH have been made to make people aware of the cause of this virus. I hope something more could be done.

I'm sharing my views against RH Bill. People should be taught the value of self control!