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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Rise of a Bully

China is bullying its neighbor and the Super powers are washing its hands on the issue.This was all part of the agenda for  world is written and were allowed to happen. I know, it would be hard to follow the event if you are not aware of the Satanic master plan...However, you will notice that there are no real opposition right now for the rise of the sleeping giant.
 Martin Jacques, author of a bestseller on China, asks why the west continues to approach the rise of the new global powerhouse with a closed mind. We obsess over details of the race for the White House, yet give scant regard to the battle to replace China's current leadership. If we fail to pay heed to the political and economic shift of gravity, we will be sidelined by history. History is passing our country and our continent by. Once we were the centre of the world, the place from where power, ideas and the future emanated. If we drew a map of the world, Europe was at its centre. That was how it was for 200 years. No more. The world is tilting on its axis in even more dramatic style than when Europe was on the rise. We are witnessing the greatest changes the world has seen for more than two centuries. We are barely aware of the fact. (Source Here)
   Fishing inside Philippine's exclusive Economic zone, giving mandate to Filipinos not to release any harsh statement for reason that might escalate the tension, and ignoring our leaders... are some of the actions that shows China is now showing its fangs without fear. Provoking what?
   Why US and Europe is not doing anything?  This had to do with the shifting of stir the Asian region to join in the war.  
   At least, if you recall that the Russians open fire on Chinese Fishing vessel while poaching on Sea of Japan...(read more)
   Syria's political tensions is also escalating...civil war already exploded there just a couple days ago. 
   The preparation for the purging of the world. As it is said,  world war 3 is coming to town.Are you still expecting that the tension on this region will be resolve? There is a prophetic relationship on this...on both side.  

   Speaking of bully, recently House of Congress passed into law the Anti-Bullying Bill that aims to deter bullying. 
   The House of Congress recently passed into law the bill pushing for schools to enforce anti-bullying policies. 

   Otherwise known as House Bill 5496 or the Anti-Bullying Act of 2012, this bill aims to provide parents with important information about bullying, how it happens, how it can be addressed and how it can be prevented from happening in both the grade school and high school settings. The said bill was endorsed by Sorsogon Rep. Salvador Escudero III, chairman of the House Committee on Basic Education and Culture.
   Is there really a need for a legislation on this matter? Anyway, its already a law but is there really such a need for these? I mean, all we need for this issue is a little common sense and parental a little public relation. Is our government trying to tell us how to conduct ourselves again?
   Government should face bigger issues than these. Bullying is parental concerns, the school had guidance councilor to do its part in creating a better person out of their students, how about the church role? 
   I don't think the government should dip its hand on this issue. What they can do is bring back GMRC to education. The need maybe to stress Good Manner and Right Conduct, like we use to have back when we were just kids. Someone said, there's "Values" education...if there is such a thing, then why need a legislation on bullying? 
   Are we trying to say here that bullying is already a criminal activity? What we should look into is the intra and inter-personal well being of our students and children. This is a Parent/Teacher concern...
   This will bring us back to same old problem. Lack of school facilities and resources. The teacher and student ratio...etcetera. 
   This law is a waste of time and paper when this should be basic responsibilities of parents. 

Here is my Facebook statement to summarize the sentiment:
   I thought Values are already thought in School. So what's the need for Anti-Bullying law? Can't our government think of any better law than that? Why not bring back Good Manner and Right Conduct in our curriculum? If there is, then why worry? This law is a lame excuse...returning the blame to students for our Government shortcomings:Like Teacher:Students ratio, and inadequate facilities conducive to learning. GIVE OUR STUDENTS QUALITY EDUCATION INSTEAD! 

Do These Law Work? Yes! To boost the image of our politicians as if they are really concerns.

   Here's a nice conclusive post written by Margaret Wente on The Globe and Mail...she's probably right, maybe we are over-loading our schools with laws instead of education....

I feel sorry for the schools. They’ve become extensions of the nanny state, burdened with implementing every faddish notion from 100-per-cent injury-free playgrounds to healthy snacks, and a bizarre form of math that won’t teach your kid to add or subtract but will ask her to explain how she got the answer. Maybe we should blow up the giant school-board bureaucracies and the ministries of education, give the money to the teachers and let them run the schools again. The kids will have more time for learning stuff, and the teachers will have more freedom to make them behave. Maybe what we really need is a law for that. (Source)

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