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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Secret of Ukraine Famine

For our soul is bowed down to the dust;our body cleaves to the ground.Rise up, come to our help!Deliver us for the sake of thy steadfast love -- Psalm 44:25,26
What if your neighbor ate your child, or your spouse, or parents? What would you do if you see them face to face in court during their trials? And what if he or she admits that they indeed ate the flesh of your love ones? 
   The worse testimonial about this said massive famine are individuals eating their own families. 
    Unbelievable but true, these grisly event in human history was untold or kept hidden away from the rest of the world. How was it possible will also be my focus on this series of blogs. 

   Eating another persons flesh is an unimaginable evilness a person can ever commit. Cannibalism in whatsoever circumstances is an abomination that must not go unpunished even during extreme hunger or starvation. Truthfully, the authorities made sure those human-eater pay their crimes in jail. In fact, most of us might even think of a more severe penalty for this sickening madness. 
   But what if I told you that those cannibals are victims themselves? Not victims of circumstances but victims of an evil design. Some of the convicted flesh-eater are jailed hated and sometimes cursed...most are in the twilight of their life waiting for old age to overtake them. 
   Unlike those Millions who had died during the massive starvation...they had lived to tell the horror of the Great Ukrainian Famine. Again, unlike those who opted to eat anything they can put on their mouth like tree bark, clothing, or even rubber to appease the hunger...these men and women were push to committed a crime because of a Fake Famine designed by their own government which is now referred to as The Holomodor. 

   Holomodor by Stalin is Not as popular as the Holocaust of Hitler but these two had a dark relationship that most of the world don't know. That will be the subject of my future blog. For now, I will give you background of what truly happened in Ukraine during the year 1932-33. 

Holomodor by literal translation in Ukrainian means killing by hunger. The word now refers, although not that popular, to the Ukrainian famine of 1932-33, that had killed around 7.5 Millions of Ukrainian and about a million more in Kazakhstan...but the actual number of those who died of starvation are maybe twice higher. 
   The shadowy detail of this famine is what we shall focus in this article. How this was connected to Germany's Holocaust was my personal on-going research. A research that goes beyond the Political agenda as I dig deeper into the real horrific intent of these two heinous crime in humanity. 
   This article will go against the conventional explanations that many of you had read or heard before...whispered in secret gatherings or publicly heralded on various media. 
   While most historian relates most of the world event into political adventurism of famous men and women, I will differ to shed the occult connection of these evil crimes done in plain sight. I will try as much as I can to avoid assumptions but nonetheless it seems inevitable because most of the data/link are carefully manipulated (corrupted history) and references are not easily obtainable. But I will explicitly give the details what lead me to conclude these assumptions. At the end of this series, I would give you reason beyond doubt that there is an evil organization operating to destroy all who does not want to received its mark. This you shall recognized what the book of Revelations called The Mystery Babylon. 
   You will learn that The Nazi's swastika was not just a political banner but was actually related to the Satanic pentagram. I will stress at this point that we are not up against mere human who hungry for power but we are up against Religious fanatics. Dictators that are not bound to global domination but are real life demons in high-places. 
   I should have begin this blog about the real event that took place in Hitler's Holocaust since it is where I discover the real evil intent of World War II but it would be much easier to follow what I am about to tell you if we begin with the simple fact. Okay, well maybe it is inappropriate to call these as simple fact, but what I mean in simple is that it means there are more resources that can be obtained about Holomodor that is not yet edited. This means, the Mother Harlot had not yet totally eliminate all the evidences of their Satanic activity.
   Perhaps because Holomodor is unpopular in the mainstream infowars, the occult religion had not taken too much time to cover its track but nonetheless the Harlot church had been very successful in hiding this great Satanic sacrifice. 


Truth is always a homeless stranger in history. -- Clement

    There had been debate whether the Ukrainian famine was intentionally design by the Communist to break the will of the people or it is just mismanagement. But that was just all superficial of what really transpired during those horrible years. The genocide was actually part of a world wide elimination of heretics. As to what heretics means or who are called heretics is what we shall discuss later. The needed background must first be shared so you can easily follow what I am saying...
     First very little focus was given by the media that there is a widespread cannibalism that happened during the famine. Next is that the same perpetrator of this crime is not yet punished. In fact, the real mastermind was cleverly hidden and still daily practice their satanic rite of human sacrifices. 

Here in kharkiw in 1933, the peasants became indifferent to the daily phenomenon of death. Cannibalism was so widespread that the government printed posters that said: "Eating your children is an act of barbarism."

Let's get History straight...
   The Ukraine famine that claimed millions of lives was intentionally designed by Fr. Josef Stalin, S.J.  as a Communist Collectivization program he masterminded to eliminate an economic class. The farmers was viewed by Fr. Stalin's communist ideals as a fierce opponent. The design was also intended to break the will of the people -- Communist and non-Communist alike. 
   The Communist revolution of 1917 ended the tsarist-era of land owners. What was left were small farmers that grows mostly grains but Communist saw these small farmers as a threatening example of self-reliance and capitalism.  

   The Society of Jesus or the Jesuits Order of the Roman Catholic Church had vigorously denied that Fr. Josef Stalin was ever an ordained priest. That we shall not argue for now...what is given is that he designed the fake famine to destroy an economic class. 
    The point to ponder now, is that there is indeed a force famine. Which I will give in detail that I had condense from various sources. Let us first focus on cannibalism...because there is an intentional cover-up on this part. An example of a Holomodor cover-up was the actual number of victims.  

     There are around 11 Million people who died in Holomodor. Survivor recalls the in particular struck my heart. Fedir Burtianski recounts this testimony from a boy he heard during the trial he attended:

He said, 'Thank you to Father Stalin for depriving us of food. Our mother died of hunger and we ate her, our own dead mother. And after our mother we did not take pity on anyone. We would not have spared Stalin himself.'

    Fedir Burtianski was a young man in 1933 when he set out by train to Ukraine's Donbas mining area in search of work. He says thousands of starving peasants, painfully thin with swollen bellies, lined the rail track begging for food. The train stopped in the city of Dnipropetrovsk and Burtianski says he was horrified by what he saw there.    "At Dnipropetrovsk we got out of the carriages. I got off the wagon and I saw very many people swollen and half-dead. And some who were lying on the ground and just shaking. Probably they were going to die within a few minutes. Then the railway NKVD [secret police] quickly herded us back into the wagons."   Grain and potatoes continued to be harvested in Ukraine, driven by the demand of Stalin's quotas. But  the inefficiency of the Soviet transportation system meant that tons of food literally rotted uneaten -- sometimes in the open and within the view of those dying of starvation.   The scene Burtianski described was repeated in towns and cities all over Ukraine. In the countryside, entire villages were being wiped out. The hunger drove many people to desperation and madness. Many instances of cannibalism were recorded, with people living off the remains of other starvation victims or in some instances resorting to murder. Most peasant families had five or six children, and some mothers killed their weakest children in order to feed the others.   Burtianski said at one point, he avoided buying meat from a vendor because he suspected it was human flesh. When the authorities heard about the incident, he was forced to attend the trial of a man and his two sons who were suspected of murdering people for food. Burtianski says during the trial one of the sons admitted in chilling terms to eating the flesh of his own mother, who had died of starvation. (Read More Here...)

What caused the famine? 
   The irony is the famine happened with the intent to fairly distribute food?
   But again, let me stress my point that it was not all about politics. That is what the Mother Harlot church want us to believe that everything was because of idealism...The real issue is a Satanic Ritual design by the evil church. I had blog so much about this evil religion, so if you are a regular follower of my blog, you know who I am pointing at as the evil religion. Most people calls the synagogue of Satan as the Talmudic Jews or Judaism itself but that was once again superficial. The interwoven Satanic departments or governments had an intricate systems whose mission was to enthrone Satan as the official worldwide god.

   For fairness in this article, I will give both sides of the issues. So was the famine really intentional an act?
The deputy prime minister for humanitarian issues, Dmytro Tabachnuk, said the famine was a deliberate terrorist act that claimed the lives of up to 10 million people. He said the government is planning to build a National Famine Memorial Complex.  
 There are also who claims Holomodor never happened. They accept there was indeed a widespread famine but it was not intentional

To break National identity...

   This is what Hryhorii Bevz, a man who lived through the Holodomor in a Ukrainian village, has to say: “A starving person’s psyche alters simultaneously with the physiological changes. Profound and prolonged hunger deadens or totally destroys normal human feelings and emotions. A starving person develops a different attitude to good and evil, truth and falsehood, justice and injustice. To such a person universal human values are of secondary importance, not worthy of his attention. Above all the person wants to eat. Feelings of patriotism, faith, friendship, and love are extinguished or are never born,”
   Indeed, what patriotism could there be at a time when acts of cannibalism were taking place in almost every village in Ukraine during the Holodomor, when mothers ate their own children? (Source)

The Victims becomes the convict
   According to the noted British scholar Robert Conquest, 325 Ukrainians were serving a life sentence for this type of crime in the prison camps of the White Sea — Baltic Canal in the late 1930s. However, a life sentence was seldom handed down for cannibalism in the USSR; more often than not the guilty parties were shot. Therefore, it is possible to assume that there were dozens more cases of cannibalism in Ukraine during the Holodomor.

   The satanic re-education of Ukrainians by the Stalinist regime did take place. The distinguished Holodomor researcher James Mace reached the conclusion that people’s ethics and morals, as an important element of cultural life, suffered a devastating blow. In the conditions of the mass destruction of the Ukrainian people, such age-old features as friendliness, helpfulness, politeness, and empathy receded into the past. Instead, indifference and cruelty reigned supreme.

   It is common knowledge that the most heinous consequences of the Holodomor were observed in the steppe and forest-steppe regions of Ukraine, which were not sources of food — in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Poltava, Cherkasy, Odesa, Zaporizhia, and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts, as well as in the Crimea and the Moldavian Autonomous Republic (today: Transdnistria). Therefore, it is no surprise that the residents of these territories are the most active supporters of pro-Russian political forces in Ukraine. During the last referendum in Transdnistria local Ukrainians proclaimed their desire to become citizens of Russia.

   These were just the beginning of a series that will open your eyes to what was really going on in the world. Hidden histories that must re-surface to warn everyone about this biggest political satanic church. 
   A lot of people had underestimated the networks of this evil is still the most powerful and wealthiest organization on this planet. I am not talking here about the Communism alone...but the power behind these evil. This is the Mother Harlot that the Bible speaks. 
   Watch out for my next blog about the Greatest Satanic Ritual performed for the world to see.  You think this is not possible? 
   Here's a teaser for that upcoming blog:
   The greatest cover-up in history is also the most evil human sacrificed that ever happened right before our very eyes. The real perpetrator goes unpunished and still holds great power up to this date. If you think its impossible to hide to the general population, deaths of over 18 Million people, better think again after we discuss some of the historic details in this blog series which shall center on a sickening Satanic Ritual that happened just around 80 years ago. 


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