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Monday, May 20, 2013

How They Trick us in Stonehenge

“Imagine England without Stonehenge, imagine England without its great castles and abbeys, and imagine England without its great historic monuments,” said Dr Simon Thurley, Chief Executive of English Heritage. “It is largely thanks to the 1913 Ancient Monuments Act that these stone, brick and iron eye-witnesses to our past survive today to tell their story.” English Heritage traces its origins back to the 1913 Ancient Monuments Act and today is the government’s principal adviser on heritage in England and cares for the country’s National Heritage Collection.
But wait! What if these rich history was in fact concealed in secrecy? 
    The Collection of photos I have gathered here will definitely make you re-think your History 101 or at least your limited knowledge about Stonehenge. This is one of the darkest secret of history archeologist don't want you to know. The Centerpiece of British rich history and visited by Million of tourist every year was actually less than 50 years old. 
      The Stonehenge official guidebooks had been full of fascinating facts, figures, and  wild theories about the ancient worlds mysterious monument but what they aren't telling you is the fact that from 1901 (see picture above) it has undergone an elusive systematic restoration.

      Aren't you hurt that we've been systematically dupe by an opportunistic group of liars? We been robbed of more than 4,000 years of history. Generation after generation we are told about fake symbols.
     A million visitors a year are awe-struck as they look back in time into another age and marvel at the primitive technology and muscle-power which must have been employed transporting the huge monoliths and raising them on Salisbury Plain. They gasp as they are told about this strangely spiritual site.... mankind's first computer, its standing stones and precise lintels, lining up magically and mysteriously with the heavens above and the solstice suns. 

What if Stonehenge doesn't exist at all but just another fabricated lie? What if a much earlier pre-planned hoax was at play already. Let me ask you one final question: "What if the past they told you doesn't really happened at all?"

   Sources on this can easily be trace via the internet and no secret at all (especially to those who have already made themselves aware) but how was it possible that a massive cheating easily escaped  a large part of the human populace? Once again, we will return to Critical analysis of things. That had been made possible because the majority of people had been persuaded or brainwash to worship idols. When a person worship an animated object they become what they focus into.
   I would like you to re-read Romans 1, please take the time to digest the secret why people are easily brainwashed. This chapter will define where all ungodly things originate and how people became what they are now. 
   I know you have read this many times before but please; this time open your mind....don't cheat this blogger by simply browsing on the verses. Give the Holy Spirit a time to reveal it to you...especially from verses 20 onwards....

Romans chapter 1

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