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Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Artistry's New Twist and WW3 Twister

Becoming a face painter wasn't part of my career path as an artist. It just so happened that the face painter my sister contacted for her event couldn't come....she asked "Fher, can you do face painting?" My Ate Fe owns a studio by the way and she had a Birthday to cover that day where she promise to provide the Clowns and face painter....
    And the rest was history...I mean, I actually don't have the time to practice the medium nor any idea at all what to do...
    Right there and then I experimented how to actually work on human skin. It's a different surface plus your subjects usually can't hold very still for a very long time...especially kids. I just let my instinct work that day and perhaps the costumer was satisfied since one of the guest and the owner of the venue asked for my number. 
   At that very first gig, I've felt a different joy so I decided to take it seriously or at least give some sort of importance. I begun to browse and actually do some investigative research. 
   I've just realized once again that most of what was written on my Bio-Data came from coincidences or what Carl Jung called as the 'magical effect'...or what I accepts to be 'divine intervention'. 

Speaking of divine intervention...I've just updated, well actually re-activated my The Art of Realizationism blog....and it might interest you how my artistry is taking it's more refined destination. (Check it out HERE) 

And speaking of another twist, I gotta an information last year that WW3 will start in the spring of 2013. I think I had it written somewhere here....anyway, here's what I can remember from that reliable source: With an attack on Iran by NATO, The Russians and China was said to stand against this attack. 
Everything will be just minor war after least until 2016...but when USA moves it nuclear missiles to Georgia, it will escalate into something very terrible. Possibly, USA will experience an unexpected Nuke attack from China and Russia. 
Now that might result in 3 Billion death and lots of radiation everywhere.

Forget for awhile world war and revisit some of my works....

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