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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Final Episode of Voltes V

Episode 40: The Liberation

   As little boys and girls during the 70's we were disappointed when Late President Ferdinand Marcos banned Voltes V.  The explanation I get from my parents were very simple it was "bad influence" for young minds. 
In the interview, Senator Marcos said he understood that a cartoon like Voltes V would have been something important to kids “but it was actually the parents that worried about the violence that they were afraid might influence their children in a negative way.”
“There was a lot of private lobbying by all kinds of groups, parents-groups, and so I guess my father saw it prudent to acquiesce to their demands on an issue that was and still is not well understood,” he said.
Marcos said that up to this day, the effect of violence “as experienced vicariously by children through TV or video games is still a subject that remains contentious not only here but in other countries as well.”
source: Bongbong - Why Marcos Banned Voltes V
    But some says Marcos paranoia arises from the final episode itself which never reach our TV set. The finale of Voltes V saw the heroes rising up and overthrowing an oppressive government.  
   It just goes to show the totalitarian mindset of Marcos but for me personally he is still the best president our country ever had, no matter what they said. Anyway, that's enough for the introduction...Let's sing together our anthem when we were little kids.

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