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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Introduction to Fragmented Thoughts Headline Series

fragmented thoughts, acrylic on paper
   The painting above marked the first of an intented series regarding my latest artistic direction. I hope to summarize on these upcoming collections my personal representation on the complexities of our times and relevant issues we now face plus everything else in that same inspiration I also would like to begin a new blog series on that same direction since I felt it is necessary to understand what are the real issues -- to fully grasp the order of things to come. 
   The Book of Revelations gave us symbolic warnings on things to come which our Lord Jesus Christ called The Great Tribulation (or are we  in it already?) and without understanding of the unfolding of events we will not be enlighten  or properly warned to protect ourselves and our love ones. 
   The FTH series first of all beside myself is for those who believes in critical thinking. Critical Thinking as to what I've understand is only achieve when a person is able to reflect on certain actions, behavior, or ideas that he or she had observed.
   Base on experience, and the illumination process that I've learned somehow via my Visual Manuscripts, that is by simply gathering images and experiences; in the same said art journal I was able to unravel some of the secrets in what we call life in general. 
    Our frame of reference varies but there is only one ultimate truth. A different set of truth base on the half-full and half-empty glass analogous is one good example of personal filterization base on paradigm. So, hopefully I would be able to destilled some valueable info and perhaps apply the understanding also. Let us read...and discern.    

Fragmented Thoughts Headlines 1 (click here)

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