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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On Gloria's Exit...

     Here's one big reason why we should really really take this coming election seriously...This is my appeal to the next president...
        Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's food expense for 2008 in Malacanan Palace is a whooping 7 Million per month. I rounded - off the figures for I don't have my pen with me when I listen to Commission on Audit Report. Around 40 Million on electricity per month and on transportation expenses 70M.
       Wait if you are planning to take your jungle bolo to the Palace, listen to this...more or less 640 Billion Pesos unliquidated expenses from the period of 2008-09...this simply means GMA had not yet submitted report where that tiny change goes? Let me borrow Mirriam's famous campaign line  "...people's money gone with the wind !!! "
      I think I recall Madam President GMA admonished Government Offices to take drastic austerity measure a year before that COA audit report...Hmmmm so the Palace is thrifty in that sense. 
     Now let's compare her neighbour just a few step away from where she stays. His name is Juan dela Cruz with 3 children, his daily budget on food is roughly around 50 pesos on good day he spend 100. Now let us say all 30 days he had good take home pay, that would be 3,000 per month. His monthly food intake would equate only to a single cup of coffee in GMA's table.
    So back to my appeal to the would be President this year...Please have Mrs. Arroyo answer where these money go?

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