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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the rebirth....

Gallery visit helps a lot during my self-search period as an artist...The Vis
ual Art workshop (1985) rekindle my once dying passion for painting. Financial situations took me into another course. The line "I never knew what brought me if somebody lead my hand, it seems so hard to understand my course was planned...." was the theme going on in my head during college.
Indeed, God had his better plan for me.
I always wanted to take fine arts, and to me to be able to
paint for the rest of my life was the only worth of my existence. Never in my wildest dream to become a teacher but....
One summer day while in my sophomore years in Philippine Normal College while trying to purge a degree in Education, the Music and Arts Director Dr. Loreto Castillo-Gloria picked me to represents the college for a visual art workshop at Cultural Center of the Philippines. It was to me the most surreal but happiest moment of my college days.
So the rest was history....

I founded the campus artist gu
ild we name SAPIN
SAmahan ng PIntor sa Normal in 1986 and we were able to put up to group exhibit. It became the vehicle to unite various rival sector or parties in the campus. Politics is very much alive inside the school then....

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