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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

colors of the flood....

Ondoy was the most devastating typhoon that I ever experience (Although I think Milenyo was far more stronger) which causes neck-deep flood that came so sudden. It took almost all of my artworks with it....I made sure my Visual Journal collection would be took many tears to put them together and I can't let it just be destroyed.
The work you see here is the aftermath reaction to the solemn state of Philippines, especially Luzon and Metro Manila area who was not used to such does not respect any personality or status. I lost count of how many lives were destroyed but I can still see vivid images up to this day.
I think why the work was greatly admired was because of the emotions I put in it. That face came from a torn magazine that was soaked in the flood. The finished product shall be posted maybe some other day....

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