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Monday, April 19, 2010

   Following the tradition of my Visual Manuscripts, this blog shall be random and spontaneous as the need arises to express issues and event happening or had happened in my existence. My interest is so varied that I can't think of any particular topic in which to direct my journal blogging here. I have started Religious topic on The Armor Of God, as well as The Art of Realizationism that talks about my art. I think I am so complex and often this varied focus become a disadvantage to finish easily a project at hand. I now have 6 visual journal/manuscript on the process, the latest I've started just a couple of days ago "A Whisper To A Scream" cover page shown above.
   All the manuscript bare resemblance as a book that expresses my artistic explorations, they are the laboratories of my personal quest to express what is in my heart. Now, as I have said before that it is my life time thesis that shall evolve with me. Perhaps, it will continue with my offspring as I lay to rest. 

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