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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Artist Block

   Thinking of creativity encourage creativity. I remember the late National Artist for painting Cesar Legaspi once said, "I don't wait for inspiration to come...I create inspiration."
   Every artist experience what they call a "block" that can sometimes be frustrating especially when we are given deadline. Artist block need not be a bad excuse to hinder our creativity. Our boss may not be patient enough to wait for us to create, or an opportunity can sometimes knock only once.
   Constant attention given into something or anything will eventually grows. It is also true that when we focus to problem that issue magnifies and become larger than our capacity to solve them. We can encourage our brain neuron to be creative by encouraging them to be creative. So how do we summon our creative impulses to burst out?
   We can start by paying attention to creativity itself. Instantly your brain will re-focus and our eyes will see things at different light. The term subconscious will be replace with inner consciousness. It is said that only a tiny portion of our brains are utilized daily, these untapped energy are stored and are always ready at your disposal. The key is "attention" and if we started forming the good habit of thinking creatively or as I call it Critical Thinking, we receive in abundance inspiration. Once inspiration is placed at the center of our attention...we can expect great things to happen. 
   When I started this blog you are reading right now, I have no clear direction to go. I just applied what I am mentioning here, I want a topic about "Being More Creative" and so far, I am discussing the subject with still more information rushing on my head. The creative process had started and I just found myself typing. Letters started forming word and just a couple of words a complete sentence until stanza goes into phrases. 
   Reading enrich the mind as well as listening and these become the source of our pool of data to write. Another skill we must hone is the art of observation. I call this an art because observation require discipline, not just looking at the details but looking into the situations also. The same with reading, observing need constant practice too. Have the eye for wisdom. A creative person see the world in frames and can translate them into beautiful paintings.
  Being critical in thinking does not mean you are in constant watch for mistakes or flaws. Just simply let your mind open up and expand all possibilities. Most of all, the experiences should be enjoyed to its fullest potential. This will sometimes make silly jokes funnier and sad stories a bit sentimental. It will also develop in us our ability to understand others and build our patience.
   Anything worth taking into consideration should be written down. So you must form the habit  of carrying with you a pen and paper; you never knew when a good idea comes so you will not scold yourself later if you missed the inspiration. I also found it useful to collect "quotes" for these are not just rich source for creativity but useful tools to combat tough situations. Bible verses can equipped us with good advises to share when our friends and love ones need them.
   Now the next time you feel you can't come up with something, just encourage creativity. It isn't that difficult at all.

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melissa said...

fher... i remember when you first wrote to me about this :))... it came as a surprise... but after that artist block, i looked into your works and they were more profound as ever...

more skills were honed as you say :)... i'm glad you had it :P