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Saturday, February 5, 2011


   It's nice to received compensation from something we do, even more rewarding was if it came from something we love doing. I love writing with almost the same intensity as my desire to paint. Blogging gave me that opportunity to earn as well as doing my passion to write. I also enjoy reading, most especially when I can't squeeze my brain to create. 
   There's a different kind of high when I read BUT often I get frustrated searching for good reading material among blogger. I get lost in the jungle of advertisement that doesn't really serve the purpose of its content. Worst is that most of the blog I saw have no article at all...but just juxtaposes of Ads and links going to the vast space of worldwide web. Perhaps, literature had very little meaning at all to those pretending to be writers or journalist. All they have in mind are generating Traffic. Not bad at all to be rewarded in such manner and it is perfectly legal I guess. The trouble is I get too distracted to read having too many information right in front of me. 
   In reality, do we really read the content in it? I observe that most simply post on comment boxes saying: Follow my blog, here's the link. Isn't it rather insulting that there is no real substance to the "comment" expected by the writer who have to do mental aerobics just to come up with a perfectly sounding article?
   Now I am wasting my time, writing this content too. Or maybe not? Probably, somewhere out there a sensible reader will truly READ my blog and dissect the value I am trying to point here. let me see...what AD should I put in here?

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