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Thursday, February 10, 2011


   Revamp the inactivity here and be a worthy citizen while the rest of human populace mind their Cityville...I can't allow myself to rust again and lost the feeling....So what would be on our discussion? 
   Headline--Ret. Gen. Angelo Reyes killed himself. 

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE 6) “Sorry.”
That was the last word that former Armed Forces of the Philippines chief of staff Angelo Tomas Reyes apparently uttered as his sons and aides frantically carried him and rushed him to the hospital on Tuesday.
Doctors at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City tried to revive him for 45 minutes but failed.
Reyes, 65, who had also served as defense secretary and in other Cabinet-level posts, died from a single bullet fired into his chest, Health Secretary Enrique Ona said. (Inquirer.Net)

  As a former secretary of National Defense under the Arroyo Administration he sure do know something about the Euro Generals issues. I would keep my mouth shut at the's not nice to comment about the graft and corruption at this time of the mourning. 
Let ME speak of poetry, not because its the love month of the pagan (again) calendar. It is because I feel the sanctity of the message will be withheld at this moment. Everything had a season. SEAL THE WORD. 

 Yea you knew the battle is against principalities
The puppeteers stir the cosmos
as they believe they can fool us all.
All of Olympus and its demi-gods  fave for all our eyes to see
a spectacle of their rituals
conducted to the last of detail....
The jester sang the anthem to enthrall us to the mysticism of an ancient church of doom.

The battle is against the prince of the air...
Within this bound of secret now foretold, 'tis call your mind to the critical stuff
I think I dreamt the dream in the distant....a near future where the
Head of bishops
reveal the viper in his skin.
Destruction shall come upon that great whore
Babylon is fallen....yet still with these last instances
our time, it is....The Universal Roman League have been altering the image...
Yet, there's suppose to be NO graven images
She drunk the wine filled with saint's blood
4 Woe unto you harlot of made mankind sway with your deceptions...
who make you believers worship the Sun and 

   This is an intersection stage where I am on the side of the red lights and patiently waiting while other people cross. So I skip once more from Network games to another, mostly Browser games. Re-experience the old games that I have enjoyed like Supremacy 1914 and some new ones that I might perhaps discuss if I would get the push or find the necessity.
   Secluded at the usual phase of  an introvert-potato, I am build to this lifestyle...thin (not slim) and can go without food for the coffee in between flanked with curly smokes to puff the ideas, if such ideas would crop up. So there, I should take a sip and leave no further comment....let them stand up and illuminate themselves for day this blog shall be used against me, most especially The Armor of God
   Huh?? About the military role in our lovely island? Some other time I guess...

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