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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


    If the person thinks the solution to his problem is outside himself, then the solution is near impossible. When a citizen determine his fate thru the actions of the government, he is more likely to be disappointed. If a wife relies so much to her husband for their marriage success, this too is destine to fall apart. Only thru acceptance of your responsibilities....can deter the blame against broken heart, financial burden, dead-end situations etc.
     Likewise once the person acknowledge the pain, his body will begin the process of healing. If we don't pinpoint the problem area, our brain will not search for solutions. How can our body react if he does not feel the pain? When a broken heart tries to deny that a certain person have not really hurt him, we can not move on, falling in love again will never happen. let the wound heal first before we begin loving again.
     Of course healing takes time. Its a case to case basis. Some body have quick reacting enzymes while others takes a lot of tears before it actually subside.
     most people tries to cure a broken hear by looking outside. This is like taking a pain reliever but does not actually taking care of the illness. First, we should focus why we are hurt. Diagnose the reason why we are crying? Validate the fact and separate the imagined.
    The process must always begin where you have direct power. Relying on others to solve our rotten situations can sometimes lead to eternal daydreaming down to our grave.
    "But those who wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strenght."  -- Isaiah 40:31

1 comment:

melissa said...

for the most part fher, one can speak beautifully of pain after undergoing the process... but while we are immersed in the hurt, sadness overtakes us...

i for one felt inadequate after my break up two years ago,i was blaming myself...

it is true that love allows us to look beyond each other... it always points us out of ourselves to a greater force that keeps the relationship going...

i always believe that God created somebody especially made for us... and God allows us to meet that person if we create enough space within ourselves for others...

thanks for sharing the topic fher :)