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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Think about this Biblical Perspective

   Surfing the vast ocean of WWW I came across some interesting thoughts that I would like to further the moment I have abstract ideas on following subjects being discussed. Here I would just like to pin the following quote or article that may be I can further discuss if given the chance...
   The first item was found somewhere on a blog, and lately I have been revealed with the answer or additional input but still looking for time and additional resources...

There is still a chance for Non-Christians who die in natural disasters, those who never had a genuine understanding of God or real opportunity for eternal salvation, they will be raised in the second or general resurrection to live again in the flesh with their first real opportunity to learn God's way, repent and therefore be saved.This will clear the speculations that God is unfair when Jesus stated "I am the way, the truth, and the Life; no one come to the Father"(John:5:28-29Matthew:12:41-42Revelation:20:5)
   From a strictly biblical perspective the beginning of the next thousand years signifies nothing and the turn of the century means nothing more nor less than the progression in a humanly devised system of counting years. Remember that the year 2000 is the year 5761 for the Jews, 1421 for the Muslims and 4698 for the Chinese. In our limited awareness we often assume that dates that may be important to us should be important to everyone else on the planet.
    Next is a very intelligent view coming from an agnostic atheist...

   , I feel comfortable their answer is that our world was designed to be perfect, but we ruined the design by sinning.
Our world was never perfect from the very beginning…God had to do some re-designing before it became inhabitable again.
Earth is not the ideal homeland Geisler and Turek make it out to be. Things have only been as good as they are on this planet for a very limited time, too – a blink of an eye in geologic terms. For most of its existence, Earth has been completely uninhabitable, and forecasts are that it will be again “soon”. 

What then, did God create on Day One? Our conclusion must be that, on Day One, God created the basis of Time. God created Time on Day One. It’s not about light. It’s about Time. And that’s the first step in bringing order to the cosmos. And I don’t think that any of us would disagree that it’s probably the most important foundational function of the cosmos: Time. Our lives are ordered by it, dictated by it, driven by it. God set it up. That’s how the world works, that’s how He made it to work.

By [Geisler's and Turek's] definition, an agnostic is one who has the integrity and intellectual honesty to admit that he is not absolutely sure about the existence of God. Being agnostic, then, is a good thing. Anyone can be agnostic, no matter what conclusions he has drawn. You have drawn the conclusion that God exists, and because you also believe in Jesus, you correctly call yourself a Christian. I have drawn the opposite conclusion, and I correctly call myself an atheist. Yet we are both agnostic, too; we both admit the possibility, no matter how remote we think it is, that our conclusions are wrong. So you are an agnostic Christian and I am an agnostic atheist.” Kyle over at ExChristian.netwrites in his own rebuttal to I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist:

   In the meantime I'm just recording it here just in case I still find the need to elaborate the issues...

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