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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deep Thoughts

   I found several articles that I am indulging myself now. Dipping my heads into nourishing insights from both sides of the spectrum. I need to balance all details since many false prophets are claiming to be inspired by God.
   Here are some sites that I have discovered with my surfing...

   There are still other sites I must explore and at this time needed some thorough reading. I will not be able of course to grasp all these...instantly, therefore, without any conclusion...I'll just take whatever it is now...swallow? Not necessary but just gathering this info at the back of my head, as many as its accumulating capacity. 
   It is good that my computer is functioning well...I mean the transfer to our kitchen makes my networking experience faster. It's going to be a busier neurons than the usual. 

   I've renovated Stolen Moment (V.M.) with all original pieces and the dismantling happen yesterday August 30. I have planned for this many weeks ago and the pieces that will not go to this collections will have to move from my other VM-Visual Manuscripts. 
   I also have a new site called 
Art by FherMission

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