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Friday, August 19, 2011

Is it worth it?

   With all the searching and trying to fathom the vastness of the universe (now it is more likely that it is actually a multiverse after all) and getting to know more about God; I came to this point in asking, "what was this all for?"
   Isn't it enough to accept the salvation Jesus Christ had given to me? Am I threading areas that would eventually confused the simple and sound doctrines? 
   As of this moment, I beg not to answer all question. I can not give what I do not have. I will just let the moment flow, I will just let the Holy Spirit leadership take over. I have no definite answer to what I have been presented at this stage.There's a thought-provoking blog by Jerly Thinkingspace that is worth reading, due to its extensive personal analysis...with regards to religion...thus connecting and making link to Hinduism and Christianity. Some are acceptable but of course I maybe having some bias attitude against other areas. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing...or no knowledge at all, is far worse. Then maybe...our innocence will actually make us safer. I don't have a clear idea anyway what really is Hinduism. There is Om or Aum, the equivalent of the Word made flesh...the alpha and omega.     
   These are maybe what was being described in the first chapter of Romans. We are allowed to know the invisible qualities of God. Would I just be contented in eating mangoes and ignores how a mango tree grows...down to the molecular level? I know I am being satisfied but is that enough?
   Once again, that will remain to be either pursued or not. I mean life is too short not to enjoy. Would God be happier if I know him personally. When you say personally you knew what is his qualities than just knew He is God enthroned. 
   Maybe man will not get satisfied with knowledge but knowledge puffed up. Would I get better position if I have political knowledge of Universal Government? Are we measured by knowledge or by actions?   
   I will sleep on this issue for now...nothing to be hurried for there are far more important things than food and shelter. But it is said, that we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness...and all this thing shall be added unto you. What is being added anyway? Material satisfaction. 

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