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Thursday, August 18, 2011

ILLUMINATION 031 moment in stills

   Probably its time to enter the state of illumination again...I need some assessment on what I have achieved and have not done...or fail to do. Yesterday, I obligated my self to be inspired...I have to paint. I toss, scan, scrutinized, and input some item on my visual journals. All eight of them get attentions...nothing much. It's more of getting energies than making real progress...I have to move...
   Found myself in our veranda in deep thought...
  You do have the power to affect your experiences by paying attention to what you focus upon. Do you know that you are emitting signals that the universe responds to? It's like we're all emitting radio signals that go out into the universe and match us up with anything on the same wavelength, bringing to us the circumstances and events which make up our lives.

   The signals you emit are made up of your thoughts, beliefs, and the emotions that these create within you. You're experiences tend to match what you've got your focus upon.

Jesus revealed that not just earthquakes but "great earthquakes in various places" would herald His soon coming (Luke:21:11). And immediately before the time of His return there will be a mighty earthquake unlike anything experienced in all of human history (Revelation:16:18). The only safety at that time will be close proximity to God and Jesus Christ.

   What if I go for a still-life? So I took my phone and took photo of our veranda...specifically the file of pails and basins...the afternoon should be captured. A rare event in rainy season. I also took photo of my daughters play slippers. And then gather my things once again and begun painting...
   I just float in the moment...and have to smile inside after it's done. 

  As if returning to self-discovery period that begun around 1985 (probably continued till 1987) which I am seeing now as the course of my artistic tendencies at this moment. After these images I might go into painting genre or daily common activities that has been one of my vision before I was sucked-in making symbolism or surrealism. 
   My strokes are different now as results of experiences and visual degeneration. Experience on the basis that I am well verse now with behavior of paints and gained abilities to resolved errors or obstacle. One detour is resources...

 Those who die in accidents or natural disasters are not necessarily greater sinners than those who survive (Luke:13:1-5). 
  Still baffled why Catholics still ignore sound doctrines. Do they need glasses or must learn how to read. The scriptures are clear and no heavy theology needed to understand that the Vatican practices Satanism. 
  Personal tragedies or calamities are not necessarily the result of one's sins (John:9:2-3).
   I have to move my computer away from my studio because I am not getting good signals. Whew! At least here in the kitchen I was getting faster load...just good enough. Maybe I can play again Terra Militaris and Pearl Heroes.
   Here's a site that might interest you; it's about the evil of RCC.

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