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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cold, Sweat, and Paint...

Let me see if I can come up with something...I feel that my brain neuron isn't 100% functional yet. On my forth day under antibiotics for my cold. I feel lighter yet there is no more runny nose.  
   Saturday, August 25, I still have bouts of jolting pain but I have already compromise my service for a Face Painting show for a 7 yrs old girl birthday party. The weather isn't on my side this noon time there was down pour. We had sunshine the past days but how do you explain a very sudden change of mood? Chemtrail spraying? Anyway, I don't want to think about it for now...I need to focus, I have work...I was praying while traveling..."Father, if it is your will then pour your blessing on me."
     Last night, I was shaking and chilling, probably a forty...Yet God allows me a window of strength to fill my duties. My wife was worried that I caught a Dengue fever but the worst thing is my mother's thought that I caught leptospirosis  because of overstaying on the flood while fixing our garden. I can't allow those negative thoughts to distract me now. 
     I have a party to attend...  
    The venue was hard to is just in Sta. Rosa City, only about half an hour ride but it took me an hour and a half. I was disassociated and familiar roads became unfamiliar at that time. Thanks the heavy rain had turn to trickle when I finally reach my destination. Fortunately again, the celebrant was from a known family here in Laguna so I was easily cued to their home.

   It's the hardest face painting experience I ever had...I was fighting fever and trying to entertain the kid as well. Worried that my nose would add to the burden but it seems I was instantly cured from runny nose. Prayer granted, but next time I should be more specific because I didn't asked for the fever to leave me too. 
    So I didn't focus on the task, I mean I set my mind that this is an artwork that I always enjoy doing. I don't want to be label as a bad face painter, so in my best effort I did their faces in the best I could. Well, I guess the organizer was satisfied anyway, he gave me a TIP. 
    There was a Photo-booth nearby so I work fast...I don't know, but each time there is a Photo booth I always match my phase with the computers  printing. 
   After about 4 hours the party ended, exhausted but thanks I wore heavy jacket that gave me sweat on my face. It reminds me of God's word that man's face need to sweat. Now, it has proven to me again how true was God's word. When a man's face sweat it gives relief and it is beneficial to the soul as well. I have to look for that verse one of this day...

   And this reminds me that I didn't really have heavy exercises lately. Sitting in front of the computer for long hours, painting, and the only heavy manual labor that I was used to was kneading dough for empanadas. I have not fulfilled my promise of biking around the neighborhood. 

   That probably weakens my immune it's not dengue or leptos but a stationary lifestyle...
   Well, I was sure it was the heavy manual labor while cementing the road with our neighbor...probably because I stress myself those past days. The stagnant water that was left out by alternating storm needed to be fix. So with the neighborhood guys we fill the pathway with about foot of gravel and soil and the next day we poured cement. For a longest time I haven't really stretch my lungs that far. 

   I needed more of that...

   By the way, I still manage to paint under fever and cold; actually it has given me the time to paint...and here it is... 

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