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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Gold in London but Wait...Cheer Up!!!

The London Olympic campaign may not be that fruitful for Filipino Athletes but Hey! Philippine Sports fanatic still have something to celebrate. 

   Not so many of us here knew about these young Filipinas who had recently made history.  

   The story of these young girls triumph is touching that I must share them to you here even if you probably heard them from various sources...I am talking about The Manila team that competed in the Big League Softball World Series

   Almost unable to compete in Kalamazoo, Michigan for lack of financial support...they have to take the cheapest flight--which means they have to endure a 9 hour stopover in Japan and another 11 in Hawaii. 
   These long journey may have heavily taxed the girls so they lost their first two games. 

   But thanks to Ana Santiago, the team’s coach who comes across as tough, but with a quirky sense of humor. Santiago told the young women to “talk to your errors and tell your errors that they will be here in the meantime”. 

   The next day they won a 14-2 victory over Westchester, California. 

   Earning the respect of their opponent after winning 7 games in a row.

  “They deserve (the title) – played hard, they fought back (from the early losses),” Darryl Lee, manager of the California team, told Michigan Live. “They lost the first two games and won seven in a row. They stayed hot all the way through.”

   These girls are inspiration of courage and determination. They were the runner-up team in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

They deserve a victory parade in Manila – although that would probably be hard to do right now. In fact, Team Manila apparently wasn’t expecting one. Instead, they dedicated their victory to the nation and the victims of the flood. Maybe there could still be a parade after the city recovers from the flood. These young women certainly deserve a bit more media attention for the courage they showed. -- Benjamin Pimentel (Inquirer News)
CHEERS! Team Manila... we are so proud of you. 


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