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Friday, August 3, 2012

Typhoon Gener Exits

Typhoon Gener finally exited the country. Yet we all know it is still causing some serious damages especially around coastal areas. Death toll around 23 souls usually from drowning. I also heard landslide and mudslide elsewhere. (I've yet to check updates on fatalities as it seems there are still more since some areas are still unreachable)
   Typically we don't have flooding around Metro Manila but now base on images I saw on TV it is quite unusual...Nearby provinces are still submerge up to this date and it seems it would stay for a couple more days or even weeks. Fortunately we are spared here in most part of Laguna except the Municipality of Mabitac. Even the mountain settlement are flooded, like that of Baguio city where I saw only roof tops and the rest are underwater. 

   The rivers and floodways are said to be heavily silted. The prophetic saying finally came true...Garbage haphazardly dispose will return to you one day. River side are heavily populated too...there was no observation nor respect of breathing space for canals and streams. This is not an issue only against the urban poor that illegally settles on this area but also of the urban fact, they contribute more toxic on our waterways. 
   Coastal areas are being eaten by the seas...The geographic landscape is inevitably changing come what may. We have to live with nature not against it. 
   I hope the government is already thinking of long-term solutions like early warning devises. Relocation for those affected and stricter law enforcement on garbage disposal. Why can't we follow segregation of garbage? It's not that hard especially if you're thinking the damages it has done before...we should begin within our own. 

Are you ready for another one?

A new Low Pressure Area is spotted somewhere in Batanes and have the strong possibility of becoming a full blown storm. People have learnt to live with typhoon anyway...

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