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Friday, August 17, 2012

Just My Thought on RH Bill

Reproductive Health Bill? Why spend money on reducing human resources? Give employment instead and people will be too busy making babies.

   The Bible had always herald increase in population as blessings from God. Not even once was it told that over population was a sign of curse. In fact, its the other way around. Giving birth is always a blessing. There shouldn't be unwanted pregnancies... what can go wrong when it is done in love and respect? 

   I really can't understand why they are pushing birth control...Why control human population? Our greatest source of income comes from human resource. Look at develop countries, they are importing people to work for them. Our much sought export are Overseas workers. More of these means more dollars...more thinking brains.

   We can also fill the population back log of nations like Canada and Japan. Look what happened to them, they have more older people and fewer youngster to replace them.

   God alone can decide who lives and who dies. Think about the past calamities, earthquakes, flood, tsunamis...they can reduce the population really quick. God will decide who will give birth and who will be barren. Think about it!!! 

   Give people employment then they will be too tired working and lesser time  making babies. Seriously, the ability to feed your children is the answer.
  Education, training, and employment are what we need...Studies shows that those people with bigger income had fewer babies and unemployment had more tendency of increase populations. 
   Why not meet the needs of people instead...growing population needs bigger and better resources. It would be much easier to expand and build if we have more people helping together.  
     Corruption is the problem not over population. 
   Why not divert the money for contraceptives on building resources and employment. More people means more work force, more armies, more helpers...more areas to cover. 
   The problem is population concentration. There are too many people in Metro Manila congesting...what we need is to spread out and conquer territories. Just what God said to His people to divide the land and conquer territories. 
   Give initiative to our farmers and better opportunities for them without leaving their's about time to educate them that life is better where they are.

   Birth Control is a lame excuse for Government inability to respond to our basic needs. They can't give us food, shelter, clothing, and even education so they want us dead instead. 
   All of these need better leadership. A king who want lesser people under him is either crazy or greedy. Fight corruption and spread the blessings to everyone. 

   Birth control is not the answer to poverty, it just promote safe sex. 

   You know who worry much when our population booms? The ultra rich, they fear that the poor will overtake what they have. They had been advocating depopulation ever since. They want to annihilate the lower class who can over rule them.
   The Universe can always supply our need...but never our greed. 

   This is what happened in Egypt long ago, they saw the Israelite growing fast so they order their Mid-wife to kill every babies born to an Israelite women. But still they grow in Pharaoh made a drastic measure, he order all children 2 years old and below to be slaughtered. Luckily, these fave the way for Moses to be made prince of Egypt. 

   Fill the earth and subdue it!!! That's one of the earliest know command by God. The trouble with some is they can fill the earth but do not know how to subdue or replenish it. 
Genesis 1:28
New International Version (NIV)
28 God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground. 

   OH well, I'm not your legislator anyway, just saying what should be don't worry there will be lesser people in the future. 

   I used to be an advocate of Family Planning, Plan Parenthood, and recently Reproductive Health but now after realizing there is an evil intent behind this act, I change my on the reasons behind my change of mind aside from the logic I have extrapolated above. Click the following: 

1 comment:

melissa said...

I liked what you wrote here Fher. You have pointed out your views in details and that makes the consequences of the RH Bill more comprehensible.

We do pray for more enlightenment and the power to pursue moral courage.