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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cryptic Symbols of London Olympic 2012

Revelation 13:8 All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast--all whose names have not been written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world.

The Bible has told us not to be ignorant from evil schemes, to be as gentle as dove but wise as the serpent. Being too naive these days could mean life and death. Remember all it takes to fall is one ignorant bite from a forbidden fruit...
   I am already expecting that most of you will probably just shrugged off  what you are about to read but let me remind you, that these are serious stuff. These concerns you and me. Your family and friends. We need to be aware what is really happening right before your eyes. If these article sounds alien to you, then I suggest that it's about time to keep up...You are being sacrifice to the devil without you even knowing.

   I'll show you that there is too much Esoteric agenda inside recent 2012 Olympic ceremonies. Of course, I assume that you knew basic pagan ritual embedded on Olympic games aside from the ancient Mt. Olympus  connections. We are not going to dabble on that but on it's relevancy in our time. This is going to be a long complicated topic but I'll try as much as I can to give you just the basic and relevant clues that you need to watch out. 
   Remember how Hitler introduce to us the five rings of Olympics? NO? Maybe we can discuss that later the World War II begun...
   You thought the ceremony was entertaining, well better think again...there is too much Satanic ritual being flash right before your eyes. Here are secrets in plain sights:

    I'm sure most of the Olympic Committee and participant does not know that they are actively participating in a Grand Scale Satanic Ritual. So let us pray for them and don't accuse them all too quick. That's basically how the world works anyway...Nearly all of the people of the world are under the sway of the Evil one...even the Queen. Just like you and me.
   The New World Order has just announce that Vulcan (The False Christ) is coming. It is now here. The people cheers and welcome his descent to earth from heaven with the Queen. Disguised as James Bond, a spy and a hero. There was no resistance from the whole world...they welcome him open arms, with clapping, psalms and awe.  We marvel at the beast again...

Royal Mint Commemorative Coins

   Pagan had always compared Jesus with Vulcan as a Savior of mankind but to those of us who are aware, Vulcan is more similar to Satan than with Our Lord and Savior. So, the New Age Religion had just introduce the false christus.

   Vulcan fell to the earth, as well as Lucifer. Agent 007, the man that fell, and where did Vulcan landed? Check your Mythology please...On an island inhabited by Cyclops. Later, he became the leader of the cyclops. Just like these:

   Nope, we are not talking about Mary and Jesus here. That's what the False Religion has been trying to inculcate on our mind since they appeared and overshadow Christianity...(we will tackle this on future items...)
  Her highness namesake Queen Elizabeth I, also had a secret agent by the name of John Dee. In the 1500s during the Queen's reign, Dee serves as Her highness consultant. He is a sorcerer and expert in Black Magic. (google him he is not that secretive about his Satanic faith) 

   Was it insignificant, that John Dee was represented this time around as James Bond? Let us examine the famous signature of John Dee taken from archives...

   Surprise?! He is the original Agent double O seven. Well he adopted this signature from his expertise in Algebra, Black Magic and of course no other than Tubal Cain...The Master Masons or the Third Degree of the Ancient Illuminati. The Bible also tell us who is Tubal Cain.
  Zillah also had a son, Tubal-Cain, who forged all kinds of tools out of bronze and iron. Tubal-Cain’s sister was Naamah. -- Genesis 4:22

The Giant Spermatozoa
   The Seed of Satan has finally came to earth...from the burning furnace of hell...Nations, Tribes, and tongues have finally witness the coming of...
    Vulcan! The God of Fire.

   Was it by chance how the Olympic Ring was forge and turns into a ONE BIG GIANT SPERM? 
   Ta-dah!!! Applause Mankind, your father the devil has come in flesh. 

   Jesus said:  
You are from your father The Devil, and the desire of your father you are willing to do; from the beginning he has been murdering men and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him; whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from what is his, because he is of falsehood and is also its father. -- John 8:44 (Aramaic in Plain English Translation)
   The opening verse of this blog can testify on this...that "All inhabitants" of the earth will actually worship the beast. Yes, that is not a typo error, it says "all"...not a few hardcore Satanist, not just your neighbor, not just USA or China...but all Nations of the World, Yes my dear no exception including Philippines...

  Two Thousand and Twelve the time has come!!! The Serpent seed had impregnated the woman.  I just wonder who it's going to be? 

   Wait a minute...Maybe we missed something here, because the Satanic Ritual affirms that Vulcan was already forge...he is Risen...

   The Vulcan Rain or should I say "Vulcan Reigns" ? 

   Could Mary Poppin be a clue also? That like her, the Anti-Christ has came like a nanny to a cold Banker's unhappy family. Solving the financial crisis or distorting it? But we saw more than a dozen Mary...Poppins? Minions of the devil... chasing the children dreams away? I like to congratulate the creative mind of these choreographers...they can translate very well the evil agenda. 

    As I have pointed out before,Satanist love to use detail symbolism so perhaps I'll be needing further research, and more long hours since my computer are too slow watching the entire video of the ceremony or ritual. The following reminder had put my research on hold for now, as told by the most influential Conspiracy Theorist, David Icke:  

"Their medium is the language of symbolism, Symbols are electromagnetic information fields that are encoded with information related to what the symbols represent. These symbols can attach to our own electromagnetic fields and psyche when we give them our unknowing attention - energy flows where attention goes.
"The Olympic Stadium is strategically placed on the earth-energy grid to tap into the immense London and British power centres and this is why Glastonbury Tor, one of the most significant earth-vortex points in the UK, is a centrepiece of the opening ceremony. The microcosm (the model of Glastonbury Tor in the Olympic stadium) draws in the energy from its macrocosm. It is an expression of the holographic principle of 'as above, so below'. This is how symbolism works."
    Now in terms of symbolism the obvious is the Stadium itself...a Giant Wedjat...or the Eye of Horus...
   I can't find better photo with the right angle to show you how the wedjat was replicated in London...but on pics below I think you can trace what I mean...

Compare it on an Egyptian version of Wedjat and on another aerial view...

   Basically the Sperm is very prominent. 

   There is another symbology that is quite creepy, it gives me chill. A blatant and arrogant display of their plan for everyone. 

   Well they claim this Sequence is a Tribute to Harry Potter...this is suppose to be Valdimort...well it is not a clever disguise and had double looks more like an Angel of Death...

   Now a close up look on the floor...

   Understand the double meaning? They said they are sleeping and dreaming. Children caught unaware. Who? Could it also mean biological attack as the death angel wave his scepter? Why nurses and hospital bed to commemorate a good book? Why not the positive scene of Harry Potter instead, if there is. 
   I'm sure there are other Occult symbols you had discover more than I the Broken Cross, or a.k.a Peace Sign picture below, that like I do had send you shivers if you know their occult connection...and was chronicled to us as future plan of The Satanist...

   Now are you still too naive or even idiot like Mr. Bean...watching but not really understanding the gravity of the situation?

   By the way Rowan on this scene above together with London Symphony Orchestra is playing Chariots of Fire. Aren't we bombarded with so much Fire from hell already? 

   Satan is very much into detail...he wants everything perfect...there must be no mistake up to microscopic detail, so people can equate all of these to the Supreme Deity. His coming must replicate the Coming Messiah. Satan badly need the worship and adoration...he thinks that if he can gather more than enough energy, he can finally surpass the Godhead. 

   The Olympic spirit has just done that...a Burnt offering where people was the celebrated sacrifice. 


PORTIA said...

dear Fher,
your article is an eye-opener! Now I see all that ceremony in the light of your serious analysis, albit retrospectively!

Jerly said...

You have added a whole new perspective to an event which to tell u honestly I hardly watched. I dont know how imporatnt the olympics or any ceremony is. 'The Devil is in the details'..I have never really truly understood this line. Maybe in this context it means that when we look closely in minute detail at everything, we see the devil?

FherYmas said...

Dear Portia Thanks, It's nice that someone from London actually acknowledges this article.
Dear Jerly symbols are very important to the's a blog that will explain why

Thanks everyone!!!