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Sunday, January 30, 2011


   Compounded Thought: If I have too many interest let us say 3 blog right now, then I would be dividing my focus into three parts...therefore, my intent and energy will not have a 100% effectiveness...(hmmm) at least I have them in different topics....but I can not avoid the link within them...Yes that's it!!! It is ONE at all.
   The Power to Generate Magnetism The more good energy you have within you with your intentions the more power you generate. You can create a core magnetic charge that literally pulls your desires to you with very little effort. Rather than working or going out to get what you desire you can literally become magnetic to your desires and watch as your desires come to you. (readbud)
You are the Light of this world   
   Acquire the Characteristic of Christ...that's the message today shared by Pastor Jun. I did not bring my notebook so let's see if I have retain the message....Christ is Compassionate, Christ is Prayerful, Christ had the attitude of Self-denial....what else? My memory is failing me now....I just have my lunch and now I've already forgotten the 2 other qualities...
   Now I think I go check the on-line Bible and read the reflects the model attitude of a Christian should be. 

   A great publicity campaign starts with courage, then planning, and lastly, it succeeds through persistence. If you're not sure why you should seek fame, consider fortune because the two go hand in hand.

   Fame will bring your business into the forefront of your target audience faster than any advertising campaign can hope to do. It solidifies you as an expert and creates a deep, abiding confidence in the consumer. It makes you a shining star with infinite possibilities. So what are the steps you ask? Well paste a gold star to your forehead and let's get started. (Anne Marie Baugh)

   There she goes...hurting me still,
that fatal smile that once enthralled me
...remember the chase
of anguish and hate. No!!! You are not steel...
you are just a heart
-- a broken heart.

   Every heroes at one point in their life must sacrifice something. Now expect your health to deteriorate; get used to muscle pain and always be ready to be criticized. All positive actions had an equivalent reactions....I don't call it negative reaction, it is as simple as cause and effect. No effort is ever wasted. No energy is lost, it simply transfer into another form.
   "The real trouble with reality is that there's no background music." by Skylark (Deviant Art)

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