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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Routine

   The chilled air makes me beg for a couple more snoozes. (Maybe) Half hour passed before I lazily make my coffee. Held the cup with both palm to let the heat travels to my arm...thankful for the day. I search my Bible, the one I called my Bible. We had 4 or 5 but that special one had sentimental value so to is the book that had stayed with me during my great depression....during my time of wanderings....encourage me in spite of the odds....but now it's missing. Where is it? I haven't seen it since the other day. Perhaps there in the jungle of my art materials, books, litters and.....Oh well, the day is gloomy as trees dances in tempo with the breeze. "Where's my Bible?"
   Sunshine, my Oscar cichlid is in bad shape since last week. Its tank partner had died yesterday, a hammerhead shark of the pleco family. Polluted water and I can afford to buy a new filter now. My 2nd cup of coffee before I go to the market to buy ingredients for our empanadas. No shower this morning, maybe later in the afternoon...
   The afternoon is the same, well maybe even more pronounce. Trees are hushing and they bow in rhythmic motion. After the dough was kneaded I had my brunch. I cooked friend fish and dip it in shrimp paste (bagoong alamang). Time for my web surfing....
   Read 3 articles from Readbud. Great 827 friends and only 35% of luv. Facebook doesn't held much. Foolish of me....its my sister birthday. Almost forgot thanks for the posting I saw on the homepage. Lazily I took the dead pleco,flush it to the drainage....
   Downloaded the sketch I did yesterday on my Tagged albums and link it with facebook and twitters. I must write something. Will I go preaching today? Will I tell more about my artistry? The sky is in pastel mood so I contend to float with the moment. The languid phase of the streets demand
no exultation so I let the moment transpose itself. The noises of children playing outside breaks the lethargic only worry at the moment are the speeding vehicles that stirs the dusty asphalt. I have to remind Elyona to stay on the sidewalk. My character on Wizard 101 had reach a new level and now has the title "Novice Sorcerer".    
   Yawn!  The rasping leaves and branches; the chatting teenagers and the women washing clothes at the deepwell; the occasional cryy and shouts of the little boys and girls....what matters most in the moment is that this moment is happening...and I am the only one who is experiencing it . Am I the only one? Well, I prefer to call it my story, I am its author and I can transform the season of my own preference. This is the painting that I want to paint, or what I think it should be, or the moment made me think this way. Am I only part of the picture or the creator of the scene?
   The Wizard had found 3 gold  coins and added EXP. Gina says thank you to my message. Bhel is now busy adding fillings to the dough. A passing tricycle roars until it fades only to be replace with another roar. No message on the group board. Where is My Bible anyway?

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