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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who Build Your Dreams?

   Large corporations spend millions hiring the best dreamer? Yes, it pays to dream. Ad agency offer services on that premise that they have the best creative. Their duty is to make the consumer WANT or even DESIRE the product of their clients. 
   On that note, the consumer or the masses are left with a decision. Do we take their "word" for it? Detergent soap alone changes strategy (or catch phrase) faster than your  change of clothes Television bombard us with baits like "We are the next big thing" and sometimes we feel left out if the next big thing is beyond our reach. Cellphones are perhaps the fastest gadget to have evolve in the last 5 years. Just a couple of years ago, our cellphone can only presents text messages and analog calls. Now we have colored MMS, Internet access, x-ray scan, and who knows it will include also all the features of a Swiss knife and even do the ironing for us. My only concern with the last suggestion is, what if someone calls while we are ironing our clothes? We have roasted ears for sure.
   Seriously now, why this have anything to do with dreams, or ambition, or goals, or targets? I've site above examples to show you, how other peoples vision or ideas had change our lives drastically. Victor Hugo said "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." BUT, some people have stop dreaming or have given up on their dreams. Frustrations knock their visions and they cringe in their daily life accepting that others have better dreams than they. I remember a story once told by my friend, that during audition to a record company Eraserheads was rejected because their song was so silly and simple. Yet, now Eraserheads is a popular Icon of Filipino Rock band.  Before Henry Ford established his motor company he was broke several times. Marilyn Monroe was once told to stop dreaming to be a model and take up secretarial instead.  Of course, who can forget how many times Thomas Edison failed before he come up with the light bulb?
   So don't worry if your dreams isn't making any progress right now. Remember what Nike shoes told us "Just do it". I have this wonderful phrase that I recite every time I feel rejected  or when they laugh at my ambitions "Let others build a Cave with their clay, I will build a Castle with mine". 
   So who is building a dream for you? Not your parents who paid your tuition fees. Only you can propel that vision. You are the one rattling every time there's an exam. No one can PUSH you to dream. The advertisers can suggest what fastfood to go to, but they can never dictate what you want to eat. You are the one who will get the bruises for trying and you are the one who will take all the blame. Which comes to my mind also, before I forget, it is guaranteed that you'll experience some, No not some, but plenty of heartaches. Now, you know why others succeed? They have grown to accept the wound as part of their journeys toward their dreams....and they never stop building, even if others destroy it in one blow.
   Others says you need Lady Luck to smile at you. But you will never see that smile if you are not facing her. The proper way to start is from the beginning. Now start dreaming....

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melissa said...

With all that is to it, i simply remember how my own came to be at a young age... i knew where to go and what i wanted in life... yes, we have dreams and these dreams have powers of their own too... they are capable of transformation and recovery... you ask who build our dreams? we are... yes, definitely not our parents... nor technology... for dreams are built together with our innermost desires... i'd just like to add... look into your heart to see what is in there... unleash the creative energy (we were gifted with plenty)... and move forth... ;)...thanks fher...