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Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Flow 001

   I made a promise recently to be a prolific blogger, so I can keep my readers updated and therefore have my followers coming more often on my site. The detour are I also suffer what they call an artist block. I don't want that situation to happen again that I went astray once more and lost the feel. To resolve the matter, especially when I can't organize my thoughts into tangible material I now employ "Random" posting. 
   These will also serve as a point of reference for my future articles. These will also be very revealing for my readers to have a micro over-view or assessment on how the artist/author process a thought. This may be of little value to some, so if you feel this wont make any profit to you, you can skip the page and read other article that would inspire you. 
   Last night a blogger thought me a valuable realization, she made a comment on my page from the comment on her blog. When I check my comment on her blog it was deleted. This lead me to think that a blogger shouldn't be onion skin or easily be offended, he must know how to explain his/her side and be willing also to accept if wrong. Of course critic should be done in civilize manner. The other one, the site I visited a couple of days ago accused me of being "uncivilized" for expressing what I believe. I review my comment if I attack the person instead of the post. I saw nothing wrong but just re-copy Bible verses as my reply. Some people blindly defend their faith, and I don't blame them for their ignorance. Even quoting verses from the Bible but are out of context. Anyway, I have done my part for telling the truth. This lead me to another promise, I will NEVER delete a comment good or bad. On the part of those two blogger, I let them be....
   They have deleted my reply so future readers will accuse me once again for being rude. I can't please everybody. Now, I know how Apostle Paul feel when he wrote these; 
So have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?

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