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Friday, January 28, 2011


   Adjusting to a new time cycle, I spend the afternoon sleeping and push myself to rise before the evening comes. With coffee on my hand I go directly to my computer and started this blog. I was thinking of a brainstorming session with my wife and kids....this way, I will see various viewpoints from different perspective. Alas! Brainstorming is a nice topic in itself to tackle. First, you throw a question and then listen to various reaction....some initial reaction can be quantified and also determine which goes to the body of the article and what to be ignored. 
   That lead me now to have an article added to The Art of Realizationism, finally having written the process necessary regarding my art. I made two article: Thoughts into Image and  Renewal

   Finally saw the problem with my about that hidden drafts which took about 85 spaces. 
    As an average of one blog per day is enough....even if some entry are rather irrelevant, in time you'll understand why I am doing this. Perhaps, to help myself into the flow and retain the snaps of idea, to its original meaning....NOT to SWAY from the course of the event presented.
   Car napping by suspect Dominguez, Bus  Transport Bombing in Makati, PNOY buying a 2nd hand Porshe, Mishap on a construction site, and what else? Investor might fear the current situation and withdrew their stock. Workers underpaid and no SSS. The illuminati conspiracy theory....better identify the truth from the hoax. Dan Brown is a hoax....just like Charles Darwin, a mind controlled slaves. This thing could be addicting. OH yes, I need positive addictions... 

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