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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Then Again....Writer in The Closets

   Nearly three months in blog hibernation. I need redirection, sharpen the sword so to speak. As I stayed in the backdrop and watch things unfold....I came to this point, where I really must start talking again. There are lots of things to share (This lifetime would be inadequate to squeeze them all) and the field is ripe for the picking. 
   We have to thank the worldwide web for giving us the opportunity to express our thought even if some of them are junk. Come to think of it, there's no such thing as worthless idea, who would have thought that a humble paperclip would be a very useful inventions or a simple idea like facebook and twitter would make it in the mainstream?
   So here I am again, writing for the very simplest of all alibis, which is the urge to write. Checking this blog prove that very few had actually took the time to ream them, But who cares? My passion is to write ever since I was a boy with very little vocabulary to expound. I don't even care if my grammar was wrong but I was able to finish 3 Novels then (No copies available now) and more than a dozen short stories that only my closest of peer were able to read and the reviews where heartwarming. One friend even literally cried reading "The Way We Were" (1986) and the story still hangs on my memory and if given the luxury of time I might rewrite it again.
   As you can see, I don't even took the time to preserve my writings. The gratification of being able to write was enough for me. I'm still working on another novel since 1995 and the story was finish on my head but only 7 chapters was done at the moment. The reason is I'm not writing to earn, I write to quench the desire and express myself in words the same reason as my paintings. 
   So here I am blogging again, trying to contribute something even if it catches no attention at all. If you are reading this blog, I am so thankful to you that you took the time to listen to The Wisdom of A Fool.    
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