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Saturday, June 4, 2011

ILLUMINATION 021 (in memories)

Basking in a borrowed moment...the usual but essential element for illumination.
The day was easily sequestered by lapses and unconscious blinking and shaking.
Just a twitch of instances void of meaning-- at least in this quantum second.

I believed in collective sorting of tiny detail merging with giant strokes and pounding of chisel to sculpt imagery; turning into a revealing landscape with precious portrait of familiar people and places.

We pass this way but once.

Blurry images filing into chapters, and then chapters became a novel that if I conclude now would be an acceptance of surrender...or rather retirement to life. Life will evolve even if I no longer physically present. So what is the use of making memories?

Memories made us human or practically less animistic. Computers had memories but do they have emotional attachment to this loads of data once you delete them? How about dogs wagging its tail when it sees his masters, is it also an attachment to memories coupled with endearment? 

We are form from the image of GOD.

Without memories like cases of amnesia trapping our mind in a state of isolation, whether temporal or permanent you either go blank or wonder if I am still a man. Do we judge a man on his capacity to memorized numbers or recognized thousands of colors? 

Now, if I have these memories squeezed on my brain for let say, retaining them for another 10 years what would be the chances that I will still recognized my own face? Then as I stare on my own reflections discover a new line around my eyes...or if I could number my grey hair for that matter in exact order. Then we will admit, everything fades...even memories.

It is just a memory and soon it will be replaced with more recent memories.

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