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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Looking and ever looking

  Yes, we often skip the real looking part and assume that what our brain had process was what we really saw. Part of Realizationism is the art of looking...seeing things with significance and value. To understand further you can read The Secret Art of Looking, the blog will help you through the process of real looking, aside from very helpful for artist this blog will help you enjoy the beauty of the world in its tiniest detail. 

   Common sense is enough genius...although there are some difficulties in finding plausible reasons from Spiritual phenomenon I always look ways to expound the links through scientific inquiries, may be some are not explainable at this time but I always believe God is a reasonable God. 
   Leading your eyes to often neglected or overlooked images are important and fundamentals to Realizationism. Once you have form the habit of will be easier for you to achieved Realization and understanding the relationship of all things from the micro level to  picture as a whole.
   When we learn, teach.
   When we get, give.   -- Maya Angelou

   The process of painting must flow smoothly and enjoyable...if the brushstrokes are too stiff or there is a very conscious effort it is not natural and less enjoyable. 

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