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Friday, June 17, 2011

ILLUMINATION 023 (After Image new episode)

The energy still lingers from last night, ah no from this morning creation of After Image. Sleeping only after realizing the sun was would take great amount of control not to burst after hearing your wife making noises as early as 7 AM. 
    I let human nature control me and refuse the reasoning of a divine intervention. 
Mari Sterling Wilbur photo
   I can not go back to bed anymore. The sun was up and I have to attend the 2nd service. There are a lot to be thankful for and I have to offer it back to God.
   Open facebook and see all the updates, promote my blogs, make comment and give some like....and likes.
   Some images are retain and others better forgotten. All depending on personal preferences we scrutinized the data given to us until we no longer hold the faith on our own morale. People change...and that is constant. 
   Strike the iron while its hot...keep it on...the fire shall ever be burning upon the altar. Good that I have 3 face painting schedule for this week alone...and more parties on line. I saw this photo from Mari (side left) and I can't help but fall in love....I don't know why exactly I have this great interest in window since youth. Perhaps, I am an observer most of the time than an outgoing individual...I was a bit introvert when I was a kid, not that I don't play on the road with the youngster but I always prefer isolation and dream dreams...
   Ohh well, I can't do much with my new visual manuscript, I am reserving my energies for tomorrows special event. I can sense it would be a start for a better life ahead...I have this gut feel. Besides, tomorrow is Dr. Jose Rizal's 150th birth anniversary....June 18....a Saturday. 

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