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Sunday, June 19, 2011

ILLUMINATION 024 Eulogy and Van Gogh

   You can not give what you don't have. 
   Asking for respect is useless waste of energy...and that was a simple philosophy that I am trying to inculcate on all aspect of my senses. I have to gain that respect, as sincere as possible...people will distinguish insincerity and all efforts are again without effect. Conscious effort and yet being not mechanical or it would be like a classroom project expecting a high mark. What we all want are a well lived life...a good eulogy for our funeral.
After Image, leaf own working hand
   There are lots of things I hope for to naturally flow on daily cycle, and one of these are freedom and to peacefully work with my hands. Everything must reflect on my art works and in fact, in all areas...when goodness was deeply carved it will eventually shine on all known surfaces. 
   When I came to know Van Gogh during my self-searching period circa1985-87, I had admire the artist first more than his artworks. Later, as I move to follow his biography, which was quite difficult during that time with little resources...I can only browse at some of his famous work like the sunflower series, I have realized the depth and level of difficulty of his painting styles and from then on I became one of his avid fan. I even wanted the song "Vincent" by Don MacLean as my burial song.

About a year before his death Van Gogh predicted that there would be a great “painter of the future” who would know how to use color like no one else and would become the future of painting. He expressed this in a letter to his brother Theo in May of 1888,
“As for me, I shall go on working, and here and there something of my work will prove of lasting value - but who will there be to achieve for figure painting what Claude Monet has achieved for landscape? However, you must feel, as I do, that someone like that is on the way - Rodin? - he does not use colour - it won't be him. But the painter of the future will be a colourist the like of which has never yet been seen.

Hypergraphia is a condition causing one to need to write continuously; this disorder is commonly linked to mania and epilepsy. Some believe that the massive collection of over 800 letters Van Gogh wrote during his lifetime could be attributed to this condition.

   I am into researching the life and times of Vincent Van Gogh..probably be able to write a blog about one of the greatest artist.

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