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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ILLUMINATION 025 After Image Migration

As if my tendons were being pulled and twisted until its elasticity have reach the very extent. Memory seems at a distant...similar to air filling an empty gap....comprehension at minus degree than normal retention. 
   Still with so many things filed to be done....unpacking and arranging things almost eternal. I can't even reach my back without hurting my joints. Migration was not an easy process yet this time, comparing to other movement there is a light of a glimmering joy in these...I have associated certain phase with burden as per record of the past but this time the move; In spite of the more tedious process of using only cart and pedicab to move to and fro....I am certain of a path more blessed. 
   Nice quite place at night as I can hear only the courtship of crickets....none of those buzzing vehicle speeding outside. I can hear my own breathing. Different species of flora scattered the yard...and it gave me a smile to see an Atis tree bearing fruit nearby; a sampaguita tree with little fragrant bud; banana tree in groups; the ever helpful malunggay, coconut, bell pepper, and many more....
   4th night and still not fully over with renovating, scrubbing, sweeping, washing, and tons much more of energy needed. My work area is almost over....just a couple of boxes to open. In fact, I was able to face the on process picture in After Image. There's still no good lighting so I can't share with you images of the present atmosphere. 
   My aching legs is already a burden after long hours of standing and walking....not even hours but just couple of minutes. There are some burning blister down my sole and it could be callouses. One important concern is the internet signal on this area,,,,


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