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Saturday, June 11, 2011

ILLUMINATION 023 (Re-alignment)

There my eyes transfix again into a wall. I have to illuminate my vision and then perhaps reach Realizationism, the state by which an artwork became a definition. A defining state of a collective experiences. It has to be an art work on my case or it would not be a completed cycle. Correction, it must not be just another cycle but a spiral...a spiral going either outward or inward. 
   Re-aligning spiritual lenses will do the trick. A method that never fails.
   There are inter-sections in life. It will lead you anywhere you prefer...there is always a way BUT some path just ain't easy.  At this rate, of what I still consider as progression, I am doing an effort less than 10. Hoping on lesser enjoyment like seeing my kids go to school and hopefully received an education. When I say hoping for education it means retaining what you learn from your teacher. As I was saying, happiness can be describe on case to case basis. Simple dreams does not necessarily mean it is less complicated. Nah I better agree on myself once again, once and for all that I still have other greater vision. 
   Which way would be necessary or would truly give me the delightful smile in the end?
   I had been an employee for more than half of my life, some of them should have been scheduled for revolutionary activities like feeding program for street children or raising the  population of Tamaraws in the Philippines. Or this would be another blog for endangered species. 
   Probably I am having too much caffeine on my veins and having bouts of hallucinations. Just for this cause I feel like making another visual diary...I am wondering if I could go public with....journal with an intent to share. Oh yes I can do that. Give me the sign.

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