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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ILLUMINATION 026 Asking for air

It's hard to embrace too many things....if eternity is only mine. Although I have touch almost everything that my limited time could nibble I feel there are neglected areas. Am I achieving anything at all...or maybe at least a couple of tombstone to put on my grave? 
   I think I will be accused of promising too much...even for myself alone. 
   Just let your heart flow and do not be to hard on yourself. They knew how sincere you are in uniting the artist soul in them. I can not do it alone.   One of my difficulty, my greatest challenge is to focus. I had so much to give for myself. 
   Season's have past, and the dusk settling on my capacity to see things vivid, it is perhaps the last attempt I could manage to pour. Do not want these gifts to wasted. I had force myself...even sacrifice most of dear time against my family. They will understand that I was born to die for others. 

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