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Saturday, June 4, 2011

ILLUMINATION 022 (floating moments)

Speaking of memories last Illumination fragment was supposedly No. 022 but since I've already posted it I'll just let it be. Things happen because it has to happen, including mistakes and error. I can always apologized or beg your pardon. Can I do that? 
   I spend hours and hours trying and all I could produce is a ball pen sketch. The world is an interesting place and so I have plenty of subject to choose. But as I was about to take my painting materials, another idea poked me. 
   So another 3 to 4 hours was taken before I get back to my work area. I sit down, scanning my creative hard-drive for any new information that might come out....yet the loading process took longer than the usual phase. So, I just automatically pick a notebook and pen and try to record how I felt. What are you going to do this time? 
   I start with a question and it ended with another question. Are you sure you want this?
  That is how I get stuck and made the above picture...done in ball point pen. It was intended to be composed of letters and paragraphs and hopefully a blog to share somewhere but that is all I can say. This isn't the usual artist block...actually, as I step closer, I have many ideas floating on my head right at this moment...I want to do a painting about my recent state of health. No No No not about mental health...but about my eyes. Okay it is connected on my brain...
   I know it is not my vision...I can still clearly see detail with my glasses so I don't need new ones. That is, if the jolting on my head is not attacking. At times, my retina would need to work a little harder before it identify lines, texture, and shapes. 
  Back to my artwork to be....after I finish my sleep.

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