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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bumblebee Cichlids

The Bumblebee Cichlid

The humble Bumblebee cichlid is a fish that lives in fresh water and it belongs to the cichlid species. They are mostly found in the Lake Malawi in large caves. The Bumblebee cichlid is also called the Pseudotropheus Crabro. They are called the Bumblebee Cichlid due to the color of their skin. They have yellow skin with black bars almost like that of a bumblebee. The baby fishes are brighter in color but their skin gets darker as they grow old.
These fish are used to living in hard water so it stands to reason that they should be kept in hard water whenever held in captivity. When they are in the wild, the Bumblebee Cichlids are choosy eaters but when they are kept in an aquarium they eat whatever fed to them on daily basis. (SOURCE..)

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Martha J. M. Orlando said...

What a gorgeous species! Great photo and explanation of their habitat.