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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scarborough Shoal, Cannibalism, North Korea etc...

North Korean rocket launch failed or was taken down by US missile? Those were speculations but the failure is definitely an embarrassment for N. Korean leadership.
    North Korea says the aim of the launch was to put a satellite into orbit - a move marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of national founder Kim Il-sung. In a statement, the White House condemned the launch, despite its failure. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the launch deplorable. The UN Security Council is due to meet later in the day to discuss the launch. China, North Korea's closest ally, has called for calm and restraint on the Korean peninsula.   Meanwhile, North Korea's new leader Kim Jong-un has been appointed "first chairman" of the country's top decision-making body, the National Defence Commission, state media say. His late father, Kim Jong-Il, was made the commission's "eternal chairman" by the country's rubber-stamp parliament. (Read More HERE)
   Well there is a lesson here for N. Korea Not to launch rocket on Friday the 13th. 
   Meanwhile here in the Philippines... The Chinese is bullying our poor little country and America doesn't want do get directly involve especially about our stand off against China over territorial domain...will Uncle Sam help us? I doubt that! The US public are tired and weary already about war. They have exhausted themselves in Afghanistan and Iraq, the american public opinion may not favor our interest. 
   Anyway, what interest should American had in the Philippines except strategic location and I can't think of anything else. But it has been proven that they are not dependable ally, if I remember right, they left us over our claim for Sabah islands and this is only Malaysia we are talking we are facing a Huge dragon. The British government stood with Malaysia being its former colony but USA remain silent and let our Archipelago being reduce like a game of chess. So how can we trust an ally that has already betrayed our friendship? 
   Somehow the tension eases for awhile according to latest development:
   Eight Chinese fishing boats and a surveillance ship involved in a standoff with the Philippines left the disputed Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea on Friday, easing tensions between China and the Philippines.   But the tensions spiked again Saturday afternoon after China sent back a surveillance vessel to the shoal and a Chinese aircraft flew over a Philippine Coast Guard vessel facing off a Chinese ship in the area. (Source Here)
   But for how long? Eventually we have to face the reality that we either insist our claims or let China slowly munch our properties. Then, do we rely on our Military forces alone or call upon Big Brother for help? Our Coast Guard and Navy can't even protect themselves against fishing boats. 
   So what about the Philippines newly acquired BRP Gregorio Del Pilar? The country's largest warship but the American had removed all its high tech gadgetry. I'm still contemplating how its going to wrestle an adversary? 
   Yet I believe in Filipino spirits of ingenuity and courage to say the least. We have proven our strength against the Spaniards. We won the war against canons and guns by merely using bolo and long sticks.
    Like Vice Admiral Alexander Pama said "(Hindi tayo aatras) There is no retreat. We're not abandoning the area."

Streetdance and float-making–how they are raised to art forms via Aliwan Fiesta 

Just as easily as they party, Filipinos find an excuse to dance—for leisure or entertainment, as a manifestation of worship or as a social valve for relationships.
For this year’s Aliwan Fiesta—the 10th staging of the annual cultural extravaganza organized by Manila Broadcasting Co. and the Cultural Center of the Philippines in cooperation with the cities of Manila and Pasay—dance in its myriad forms once more takes centerstage, as interpreted in the festival context by contingents from various regions all over the country. -- (
More Story HERE)

Cannibalism in Brazil
   Police in Brazil say three people arrested on suspicion of murdering at least two women have confessed to acts of cannibalism.
   The accused, a man and two women, allegedly said they belonged to a sect. Police said the suspects claimed "a voice" had told them to kill.
   Police found two female bodies buried in the grounds of the house where the suspects lived in the town of Garanhuns, in northeastern Pernambuco state.
   Speaking at a news conference, Garanhuns Police Commander Democrito de Oliveira said the three had told police they had eaten the flesh of their victims. He said the two bodies were identified as those of two women who had been reported missing in Garanhuns earlier this year. (More on this)

 "Some people have so much respect for their superiors they have none left for themselves." -- Peter McArthur 

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