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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Illuminations: What is Going On?

   If you had been a regular visitor of my blog, you might have notice the urgency of my messages regarding fulfillment of Bible prophesy. The great leap of this site from the daily mundane and light issues in our  society towards strange images or hidden event of history came from a personal burden that I have been called to share many years ago. I have been doing lot of thinking lately with regards to these...and as I illuminate, the pain to keep the information by myself would make the long years spend on this useless and wasted. 
The evidence was so great to dismiss...
   I might have stretch your imaginations a little bit on my previous articles and that is what I really want to initiate because of the urgency of this message. The research that I've begun since mid 1980s are now taking shape more pronounce. The sign of times is indeed something not to be taken for granted. The amount of evidence coming out are so enormous that made me more of a believer in the certainty of the coming events...while most brush off the idea as too remote to occur. 
   Thanks for the invention of Blogs.
   I would be greatly needing your help on this cause. By the way, there are some friends who are already opening their mind to the issue and have given their support by sharing my articles, as well as giving additional resources and references. Thank you so much. So, if you think that this blog make sense, I appeal that you share this with your contacts and family. 

   Perhaps because of faster flow of information via the internet, my research have greatly progress and hopefully would reach on time those who are not yet aware. (or pretend to be sleeping) There is an urgency and I know that I am just but one voice talking on this matter among my friends and there are actually very few individual and groups trying to spread this message of End-Time awareness. Mostly, these people are persecuted and often ignored in the mainstream. 
   There was no intent to hurt an individual, most especially my friends but only the spirit behind these evil. (I suggest you read What you Need to Know page)
   In the same way that I don't want to be type-cast as an "alarmist" or an end-time soothsayers; so as much as possible I have level my blog on factual events and information. Although there are unavoidable link to this topic that might require some "leap of faith" on your part. I don't want to push you to believe what I have posted on this blog...but I hope you set aside some time to investigate on this matter. (You can check the Archive of this Blog as well as and more importantly The Armor of God)

February of this year I've share to you the "Strange-Sound heard-everywhere" video and this time I want to capture your attention again on a massive scale deaths of creatures around the Globe and beyond the ordinary images  from  collection below. 
   Let us open  our mind on this issue. What or who is causing these bizarre phenomenon to happen? There is indeed something strange going on that we just can't easily put aside and ignore. 
   Included here are not just the unexplained sound coming from nowhere but also extra ordinary death of animals from all across the globe, thousands of birds fallen, hundreds of dolphins, turtles, whales and marine creature of every kind wash-out and mysteriously dying on the the much heralded global warming. Strange cloud formation in grand scale like that of Tsunami clouds you shall witness on the following film. Watch with discernment: 

Because of this the land mourns, and all who live in it waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the air and the fish of the sea are dying.-- Hosea 4:3


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