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Monday, April 30, 2012

It Will Cost Your Life

Control of the Media is one of the main tool to corrupt the mind of people. The entertainment or showbiz is no exception to this and well in truth the best vehicle for Satanist to manipulate the mind of the people. 
   Many within the showbiz industry had tried to speak out and rebel against the system but they are either destroyed or killed like Monroe, Elvis, Bruce Lee, Tupac, Michael among others.  It seems Britney, is also trying to break free from this system. Her rebellion is becoming too obvious (to those aware of the Esoteric agenda) that if it continued might suffer the same fate like the rest. 
   One of the recent MPD freak that the entertainment industry promotes now is Lady Gaga. Do you notice the pattern of Blonde hair obsession like that of Madonna and Monroe? Blue eyed Blonde to the Satanist hold a special position as Priestesses. 

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