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Thursday, April 5, 2012

How Heroes Have Died

I never thought that I would re-take History class in my quest to understand the truth. Understanding the hidden event, in a brand new light of what was really going on, can sometimes be frustrating. Frustrations that doesn't come from fatigue or lack of resources. It was more of a feeling of heartbreak close to losing a love one. 
  As I have already come to love the heroes and heroine who made us enjoy freedom, they were actually part of the problem than the solution.
   Now I am a bit confuse who are my real enemies. Who are the real enemies of Christ?  Everything boils down to one source, the deceiver-Satan.
   History have clouded our understanding of the real Jesus Christ thousands of years ago. They are still employing the same technique up to this day. Thankful that I am being guided by the Holy Spirit to decipher the hoaxes one by one. Through the aid of the internet now, it is a lot easier now to find good resources...than when I started this quest around 20 years ago. Now, all we have to do is separate the fact from fictions...

   To the eyes of another religion, Anyone can be an Atheist, not that they do not believe in God but they have a different god. 
   Let me say, the cooking is now on its boiling point and at any time this pot will be serve. World beliefs will eventually collide with each other. 
   Even if it is bound to happen, even if we are against all odds, we still have to fight for the evil that is or about to happen. Resist them! Resist Evil! 

   Once again, I am on another I can not make a concrete sense of the moment revelation, I am sure that like before I will be enlighten...

   If the Bible is not real, or Jesus is not real...why we can read so much in history about men or orgnizations trying to destroy this faith? They are actually fulfilling Bible prophesy?

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