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Thursday, April 19, 2012

So What Are You Going To Do About It? China asked

Now accepts the fact! Our Philippine government can't do anything, even our very own President admits that we are no match against China's military. An update about the Scarborough Standoff from Philippine Daily Inquirer headline this morning announcing China Deploys Gunboat:
   China has dispatched a powerful military vessel in the South China Sea after rejecting a Philippine proposal to submit the Panatag Shoal dispute, now on its 10th day, to international arbitration, Chinese media reported Thursday.

   The English-language China Daily based in Beijing said  China’s most advanced fishing patrol vessel, the Yuzheng 310, had been sent to protect Chinese fishermen in the region, which Manila calls the West Philippine Sea.
   The newspaper, regarded as a guide to official Chinese policy, said that Beijing’s latest moves underscored its “determination to protect its maritime interests in response to Manila’s refusal to withdraw ships from Chinese waters.”
Yuzheng 310, described as the fastest fishery administration vessel, left Guangzhou on the Pearl River just outside Hong Kong Wednesday morning for an undisclosed place in the South China Sea, it said. (Read More)
Corruptions in the Military Systems lead us to this position
  So the Chinese send their most advance fishing patrol, that's no problem we can dispatch BRP Gregorio del Pilar. Not bad! But what if China send Battleships? Ah Uh, what!!! 
   Just a suggestion: Why not send there the corrupt Government Officials instead as bullet for cannons, it's their fault anyway why our Military can't protect us. This reminded me what happen to Former Sec. General Angelo Reyes, who committed suicide during the Senate investigations.
   For whom did Gen. Reyes die? Gen. Reyes took his own life in the midst of an investigation that exposed the corruption within the command structure of our military, corruption that had tainted him.  I hate to say this, but his life is not enough payment for the casualty their rank had caused and surely countless more lives will be lost. Reyes died without an honor! Even up until the end, he is unrepentant and show his arrogance. How many soldiers offered their lives just because their grenades and guns failed to function? Worst is they don't even have bullet to fight against insurgent! 
   Now how about Merceditas Gutierrez? Can She just resigned as Ombudsman and left us after the damage she had done by protecting Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her cohorts. So now, what do we do? Why the investigation stopped? Who are paying now for the evil the military and government had done? Now I will not be shock if Chief Justice Corona will escape the trial also. They can easily manipulate the laws. 

Who Are The Victims
   Do you know who are suffering now that we can't do actions at Scarborough shoals? Its the small fishermen on our coastal regions who are mostly affected by the poachers. They are threaten by larger and more advance fishing vessels from China.And take note, they are not fishing but poaching! To avoid further conflict the government ask our fishermen to avoid the shoals while the Chinese keep on sending pirates there. They are raping our property and all PNOY could do is watch and beg. 
   Now if the standoff escalate into a full scale war, who will go there in the battlefields, the Generals and Public Officials? No! Your ordinary brothers and sisters will sacrifice their own body while your leaders waste your taxes with endless forums and meetings. Mind you! Our Government officials will even rub elbows with Chinese diplomats, dine and drink using our resources...It's what you call sleeping with an enemy! 
   China said Wednesday that the Philippines is violating maritime law by claiming a shoal in the South China Sea and dismissed Manila's request to take the dispute to an international court. Are this Chinese nuts? They are claiming islands hundreds of miles off their southern most territory. And what historical proof are they talking about? Just look at their arrogance by not submitting themselves in International law. If they really have the right to these islands and seas, then why they are avoiding proper actions? They knew they don't have the legitimate right on Philippine western seas.  
  “The day of the LORD is near    for all nations. As you have done, it will be done to you;    your deeds will return upon your own head." - Obadiah 1:15
   Now don't tell the protester to stop the blaming but instead do concrete actions. NO! We have the right to blame! We have the right to ask! We have the right to protect our life!

Anyway...there is still good news, even in half. Yes for Half Filipino Jessica Sanchez...made it to American Idol top 6. Hurrah! 
   Let us relax for awhile and listen to a soothing voice...


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