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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Sylph Encounter

SYLPH in simplest definition is what you called “Bizarre Cloud Formation”. Around 3 years ago when I first learned of this word and dismiss the idea attached into it and maybe, like most of you, will consider it as a natural phenomenon. Anyway, if I get my science correctly as Physic taught us that cloud being a vapor or gas; is lighter than air. Also by being a gas particle it is no wonder that Cloud is expected to move independently and very unstable. Therefore it won’t be hard to accept that this so-called Sylph is nothing but just pure accidental shapes and nothing else.
   But when I remember a past encounter with this peculiar cloud formation many years ago I have to shift my thought and take a more in depth study on this matter.
   Before I tell you that particular encounter with a Sylph, allow me to define it according to the Spiritual and extra-terrestrial connection of the term. Sylphs according to them are Angelic host or Heavenly beings taking the cloud form to act as Sentinel, give warnings, or directly influence human activities. While others believe, sylph is a creature in itself and not just an angelic camouflage.  Interestingly, sylphs tend to appear more pronounce before, during, and after a calamity like super typhoon, earth quake, volcanic eruptions, etc…
   Now here is my strange encounter with a sylph why I believe it is not just an accidental cloud formation or random activity of gaseous particles. This happen more than ten years ago and yet every detail of that encounter is still very clear to me as if it happened only yesterday. After all, it was so extra ordinary to be easily dismissed on my head.
   I was employed then at Tax Studies and Research Center, and the nature of my job allows me to travel the whole Philippine archipelago and it was during one of those trips somewhere to the south. I remember that was a bright sunny afternoon and I could see perfectly from the airplane window the beautiful cotton like clouds. I always admire the wonders of clouds and sometimes imagine myself swimming on its foamy ocean of smoke.
   Then suddenly to my surprise, while at that moment of total immersion at the thick grayish White Mountain of cloud in the horizon, I was mesmerized when the cloud parted, and saw a strange cloud formation. There she is a lady with long curly hair seated in lotus fashion. It was so detailed I could see all the curves and outline of a naked lady…holding to her side a long stick or maybe a spear like a sentinel.
   Well, I’ve seen other more pronounce cloud formation than this but I’ve felt something different on this one. I look inside the airplane cabin if others are seeing the image I’m seeing. I’m not sure, if someone is paying attention too. Well, I still have no idea or have heard anything about Sylph during this time so I just consider this as an accidental play of nature, but something happen that made me a believer…
   When the plane headed to the direction of the Sentinel, or lady with long hair seated lotus fashion my heart leaps because I’ll be seeing it closer. Maybe the pilot and cockpit crew could see the angel too. Approaching the image I was even more amaze that the facial expression was even more detail, she look calm…yet alert. Then as the plane move closer that we are now directly above the mountain of cloud where the Sylph seated, that she is now there to my left…as if all of the sudden she realized that she is being watch, she turn her head and look at me…I will not forget that look as if she was surprised that I saw her. It sends shiver on my spine, even now while telling you this, I still felt the same shiver…I can’t bare that stare, WE ARE EYE TO EYE. I have to turn to the cabin…everything seems to be normal…the passengers and the stewardess are acting normal…
   The face, even if it was just a cloud formation, I could see all the fine detail and that even her eyes glow and eerie. Instantly I had a goose bump all over me and the imaginary hair at the back of my head all raises. The movement of her head was slow as if she was not expecting that I saw her…that was just seconds but it still lingers on my head…Now after a few second, the position angle of my chair shifted and that she disappeared to my sight…when the plane move further, I was able to saw her again…she now quickly join the mountain of gray and white clouds…and in seconds she hide herself.
   That’s the strangest encounter I had with a Cloud formations. Now that I’ve known what are Sylphs…the more that I became afraid…shaken at the mere thought of it…that I had an eye to eye encounter with heavenly creature.
   Was the Angelic Sentinel surprise that I saw her? I mean, obviously, there are other passengers watching the amazing detail of this cloud formation but it seems she was not expecting a spiritually aware eye was inside the airplane. I don’t know, but that stare seems to be directed only to me.
   People around the world had been seeing cloud formation more strangely than what I just described and previous during my other flights I also saw other more bizarre detail even seeing a whole panorama of action figures as if depicting a battle scene, yet that one instance captivates me until now.
   Years later, I’ve discover them to be what they call now as Sylph…heavenly beings. During that time I consider it just a coincidence of gaseous particles. But when I analyze the chances of a vapor forming images of creatures like humans, animals, and even things, I can not comprehend how natural phenomenon would do such a trick. Was this the hand of God doing some artistic expressions? Or these are messages that we need to decipher…since this Sylph tend to be more pronounce and obviously want to catch our attention during extreme weather conditions.
   In Marikina City, after the devastating typhoon Ondoy, there was a viral video that shows an angry face of a man in the sky right after the strong surge. People believe it was nature trying to say something about how we had abused our environment. At the 9/11 incident, the thick cloud from the burning tower transform into a laughing devil face…it even became headline of a leading News Paper. Both Japan and Indian Ocean Tsunami aftermath have reported stories too from various eyewitnesses of seeing strange cloud formation before it actually happened. So what are sylphs?

   That I will be discussing more on future blog…plus about Chemtrail, which are man-made unusual cloud formations. These two cloud formations sometimes do battle or squirms against each other which were not recognized by the uninitiated eyes. An increase of this activity had been seen in recent years that some expert on this subject believed directly related to Global Warming. 

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